Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike Holding Course...Galveston Landfall

Hurricane Ike 10 am report...winds still 105 mph.

Hurricane force winds out 120 miles from the center. Tropical Storm Force winds out 275 miles from the center.

100 plus winds will hit the coast by midnight.

All main models tightly clustered Galveston landfall or just west.

Very high storm surges likely especially upper reaches of Galveston Bay.

109 mph winds measured at a buoy in the Gulf.

Now that you are hunkering down...some additional things to do. Make sure flashlights and radios loaded with batteries. Try not to use candles. Have battery replacements close at hand. Make as much ice as possible and store in coolers. Fill as many containers as possible with water. Make sure you have photos of all belongings...try uploading and mailing copies of photos to location outside the danger zone. Put all valuable documents in waterproof containers. Pick up loose objects in the house that might become flying objects if you windows break. Store them in pantries and closets. If the power starts fluctuating, you might want to turn off power at the main switch to keep large appliances from being damaged. Have 2 more hot meals before the power goes out. Once power goes out, keep the fridger and freeze in the freezer can stay cold for 24 hours without power. Have your prescriptions close by, preferably in a purse or pocket or container where they can't be blown around.

You want to be on the first floor unless the water rises.

When the winds start to get strong...try to be on the side of the house that is most protected by walls (interior room, closet, bathroom are ideal)...sometimes you might have to go to the side of the house being least buffeted by the wind. Stay away from windows, even if covered.

Stay safe everyone.

Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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