Friday, September 12, 2008

Dangers After Hurricane Ike

Hello all -
Since you will lose power soon, I thought I would go over some after storm safety information:

1. If you left, do not return until officials say it is safe to return.
2. Watch out for downed power lines--they could still be live
3. Do not drink the tap water until you have been told that it is safe to drink
4. If you suspect a gas leak, leave your location
5. Do not drive or walk through flood waters as they may be electrified by downed power lines.
6. Have your bug spray close by...mosquitoes will become a big problem.
7. Be careful to watch out for falling tree limbs or damaged parts of structures
8. Do not go into a damaged structure until it has been checked by an engineer for structural safety
9. Watch out for snakes that have been pushed out of their normal locations...this was a big problem after Hurricane Carla
10. Watch out for animals which may have been traumatized by the storm...they may be unpredictable and dangerous

That's all for now!

Be safe!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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