Monday, January 18, 2010

This Week's Weather/MLK Reflection/Julie and Julia Inspires me

Big winter storm moving through the western US...lots of Winter Storm Watches and Warnings. In the midwest...fog advisories. On Tuesday, nice and mild across the southeast with highs in the 60s and 70s. In the 20s and 30s in th northeast and Great lakes with snow showers. And rainy for the west coast and the southwest with snow in the Intermountain Region, Sierra Nevada and Rockies.

Houston will be mild with lows in the 50s and 60s and highs in the 70s the next couple days. Then the next system brings some thunderstorms on Wednesday. There is a slight risk of severe storms with the biggest threat being high winds. But, a few tornadoes are possible. It will be slightly cooler end of the week with highs in the 70s and lows in the 40s and 50s. A few showers are possible Saturday and then Tuesday of the coming week.

Let's do playground, area de juegos, pronounced ah-REH-ah DAY HWAY-gose. Sarah asked me to put in this word today since we went to the area de juegos yesterday.

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I posted the new drought monitor and outlooks. Texas is in better and better shape every time. The new 3 months outlooks should be out soon. So, I put those up as soon as they become available.

We watched Julie and Julia yesterday...same day as Meryl Streep won at Golden Globe for her portrayal of Julia Child. Streep really nailed Julia Child. And, I thought Amy Adams was excellent too! I also just saw Amy Adams in Leap Year--great date movie guys!!! Anyway, I loved that the character Julie (based on a true story) did a blog and everyone started following it. I know that my blog is slowly getting more following. Please feel free to invite friends and family to read it. My stepdad keeps teasing me that I don't do enough weather forecasts for Bandera, Texas. Sometimes people give me a hard time for doing this blog. But, I really enjoy it. It keeps my meteorological muscle flexed and I have always loved to write. But, should I keep up this blog? What do you think?

Getting busy preparing for the Groundhog Day Gala on Feb. 2nd at the Rice Hotel. I hope to see you there. This gala benefits the education programs offered by The John C. Freeman Weather Museum and The Weather Research Center. We will have all kinds of weather celebrities there including Steve Lyons, hurricane expert at The Weather Channel, Gene Norman of Channel 11, Dr. Jim Siebert and John Dawson of FOX 26, Casey Currey and Travis Herzog of Channel 13, Anthony Yanez of Channel 2, and Keith Monahan of Channel 39, and Dr. Neil Frank, formerly of Channel 11 and The National Hurricane Center. It is going to be a wonderful evening!!!

Ron Cobb brought it to my attention that my links are not "active". Does anyone know how to make that happen in Blogger?

And finally, a reflection on Martin Luther King. It is so hard to explain to an innocent what he was about and what happened to him. Sarah and I were discussing him and she just did not understand the whole race thing. Sarah has friends of every race and color...especially in our ethnically diverse school and neighborhood. I feel like not even telling her about these things...why expose her to ugliness. Then, she asked me where he is now and I said in heaven. And she asked well what happened to him. And then to tell her someone murdered him. She can not even compute that. May we all love and respect each other.

Have a great week everyone!!!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman