Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Now I know my ABCs -- Gustav, Ike, Josephine what's next?

The next one will be Kyle and there is an area over West Africe with potential.

But back to what is close at hand. Bands of rain swirling around the remnant Gustav moved through extreme southeast Texas...golden triangle...Orange, Beaumont, Port Arthur. West of there, temperatures soared. The dew points were down a bit...so I'm going to say it was a dry heat...okay, okay a drier heat...let's call it searing. Sugar Land got up to 98. That's sidewalk egg cooking temperatures.

Anyway, guess what...we might just get an early cold front late Wednesday. Not every model agrees but I think it probably will happen thinks to the boosting push provided by what is left of Gustav. So expect slightly lower temperatures early Wednesday and a more pleasant day.

Hanna is struggling this evening but still forecast to strengthen to a hurricane by landfall on South Carolina late Friday. GFDL brings Ike into Caribbean on Sunday. And, today's new storm, Josephine is looking healthy too...don't think this will be a concern for the Houston area. Keep an eye on that Ike though.

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Stay cool and be safe.

More to come!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

Busy Tropics - Gustav, Hanna, Ike and almost Josephine

September 2nd and it's hopping in the tropics...lots of things to watch. Be sure to look to the right for all the latest stats on every area of interest.

Some of southeast Texas's top focal points include Gustav. For the Houston area, the rain potential is almost gone. In fact, we're enjoying some drier air and a nice northerly breeze. Elsewhere, Gustav not so kind...outer bands especially east of the storm all the way to Florida spinning down funnels and even tornadoes. Looking less and less like a Trinity, San Jacinto watershed problem but it's not over till its over.

So, enjoy the break from the heat. But keep those eyes open. Ike is still forecast to strengthen and head toward the Gulf by week's end. And now there is newly formed Tropical Depression #10 just off the coast of West Africa. This one should become Tropical Storm Josephine today.

A lot of people wonder about the names for the storms. The modern naming effort for our area of the world began in 1955. In 1973, the woman said "hey, you need women's names on that list!". So began the pattern of alternating male and female names. The World Meteorological Organization comes up with the names...they have 6 year's worth and if a storm is particularly bad, it's name gets retired (just like a baseball jersey number). The names are drawn from the cultures represented in the Atlantic basin...Spanish, French and English type names. And I am not on the naming committee. Go figure!

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More to come! Enjoy the break from summer heat. It is still officially summer after all.

Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman