Thursday, September 25, 2008

3 Months Until Christmas and Post Ike Return To Normalcy

Well, first of all, there are still many without power--22% for Centerpoint Energy Customers. 78% do have power--1.76 million. For those who are continuing to wait...I am so sorry and if Gordy and I can help you, let us know. The weather is much more pleasant now--the dry air has arrived. Look for lows in the 60s and highs in the middle to upper 80s for the next several days. We did get a little shower early evening on Wednesday. That was the frontal boundary pushing through. I hope it didn't cause any problems for any one with a damaged roof.

My stepdaughter showed up with a bag of laundry last night. Her Mom's house in the Memorial area still has no power...but their tree branches have been picked up in the neighborhood. In our neighborhood, the branches are waiting and killing the grass. I know...not a big problem compared to others.

I am continuing to watch an area of disturbed weather over the Bahamas. It should move northward and it is looking more likely that it will miss the U.S. We'll see if it is a factor for Bermuda. Meanwhile, that other low off the eastern seaboard is not tropical yet, but regardless, it is going cause some rain squalls and heavy surf.

Today is 3 months until Christmas...the average high and low for that day is 59.9 and 39.4 (Fahrenheit) respectively. We're thinking cool thoughts. I am posted the 3 month outlook for October/November/December from the Climate Prediction Center. It shows likelihood of slightly above normal temperatures for that time period.

With some things getting power returning and gas being available, you might just feel happy or feliz, pronounced fay-leez. Hopefully, everyone will be feliz again.

Research shows that early language learning is very beneficial to children. Check out these research results:
The study included 67 sixth-grade students who were divided into four groups that differed by lengths of time in the foreign language program. ...analysis showed that the groups who received foreign language instructions scored significantly higher in three areas...than the control group [no language instruction]. ...the students who had received foreign language instruction scored higher on tasks involving evaluation which is the highest cognitive skill...

This research come from: Foster, K.M., & Reeves, C.K. (1989). Foreign Language in the Elementary (FLES) improves cognitive skills. FLES News, 2(3), 4.

So, with it being only 3 months until Christmas, you'll want to get several copies of our children's DVD, Let's Learn Spanish with Frank & Paco Volume 1. It has been recognized as a Top 10 Educational Product for 2008 by Dr. Toy!!! You can order through, Ventura's Educational Supply, Dolo Publications, Carlex Inc., The Curious Mind Store,,, and THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT EVERYONE!

By the way, I just ordered our new English teaching version of Volume 1 for Spanish speakers: Aprendamos Ingl├ęs con Frank y Paco. We should have it in 2 to 3 weeks. Please spread the word...this is a very unique product and we are super excited about it.

Well, I had better get going--I am going to visit participants in the Air Conditioning Council of Houston (ACCA) golf tournament--Longwood Golf Course. My friend, Phil Free invited me. ACCA is a group of Contractors recognized for providing high quality service and A/C installations for residential and commercial customers. The Air Conditioning Council became Air Conditioning Contractors of Houston. "ACCA Greater Houston", a division of Air Contractors of America. They provide training classes, teaching members better business practices and service techniques. There are about one hundred forty members and forty five associate wholesale supply members. No doubt they could use this break. I'm sure they have been extra busy!!!

We have come so far in a week. Last week at this time, I was shopping at Target with my little one. I asked the clerk at the Starbuck's how things had been. He said they had been open the day before and he could only serve coffee as he didn't have any milk products. He said people got so mad. Yep...we're pretty spoiled.

Try to be grateful, be safe, and have a great day!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman