Friday, September 12, 2008

The Deal on Shelters for Hurricane Ike

Hello everyone -
Just so you know, some municipal shelters of last resort are opening. These are very bare bone...pack up some essentials if you plan to go...but do not expect any luxuries. In fact, I would recommend that you bring food, a few changes of clothing, sleeping bags/cots, blankets, pillows, toilet paper, medicines, diapers, special needs items, games, books. And if you are going, go asap. Conditions are going downhill fast!

After the storm has passed, the American Red Cross will move in and start opening shelters. They are currently positioned outside the danger zone. These shelters are slightly better equipped, but remember to bring all the things I just listed.

If you have pets, most shelters WILL NOT allow them.

Cecilia Sinclair
Weather Wonder Woman

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