Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter weekend forecast/Biggest Easter Egg Hunt

On Friday, cold front moving across the central US will bring some stormy weather to the nation's mid-section down to Texas. It will be mild to hot east of the front with highs in the 70s and 80s and even low 90s around D.C. Even as far north as Maine the mercury will sore into the 60s. In the southwest, look for highs in the 60s and 70s. There could be some snow flurries in south and north Dakota. Highs will be in the 40s and 50s for the northern plains, central plains, Rockies and northwest.

On Easter Sunday, looks like there will be some showers for the Pacific Northwest and a few for the Great Lakes. It will be mild to warm across most of the country with the warmest temperatures east of the Rockies to the eastern seaboard. It will be coolest over the Rockies.

On Friday, Houston will be breezy, mild and muggy with some showers and possible a thunderstorm in the afternoon or early evening. Cold front moves through early Saturday--with a drop in humidity which will make for a pleasant Saturday and Easter Sunday. Lows will be in the 50s and highs in the 80s both Saturday and Sunday. Humidity will be slightly higher with some clouds returning Sunday as winds increase from the south.

Let's do color or color, pronounced coh-LORE. What is your favorite color of Easter egg?

Speaking of brightly colored things like Easter eggs, bright colors are very appealing to young children. That is one of the reasons children are so attracted to our award winning DVDs, Let's Learn Spanish with Frank & Paco. They are on the shelf (in the education section) at Barnes & Noble stores or you can order them from,,,, or Our ESL (English as a Second Language) version can be found at

My Aunt Awanda passed away Sunday night. She leaves behind 11 younger siblings, my Uncle Charles, her six children and their spouses and 20 grandchildren. Awanda Whitworth is well known in Houston for her mission work. She has worked for Catholic Charities and Casa Juan Diego among others. Her rosary and funeral were attended by family and friends including many Mary Knoll nuns. It was wonderful hearing about her life's work. I did not even know about many of her efforts. Even with so many close family members, she always had time to talk to me...for an hour at a time. She once gave me some advice which has helped me keep my volunteer efforts under control--"Charity begins at home". Please keep her family, especially her husband Charles, in your prayers. I miss her very much.

My poll on favorite teen personality is closed. 25% had Miley Cyrus as their favorite, 50% said their favorite was Selena Gomez and 25% said other. No one selected Demi Lovato, Miranda Cosgrove, Jeanette McCury, Zach and Cody, Justin Bieber, Emily Osment, Mitchell Musso, Jason Earles or Keke Palmer. Only one answer is allowed. Thanks to all who participated.

The new poll is about Easter...what is your favorite part of it? Only one answer is allowed. Thanks in advance for participating.

Planning a big Easter egg hunt? I got to wondering what the World Record Easter egg hunt was. It happened in Winter Haven Florida at Cypress Gardens with some 510,000 filled eggs (1000 of which had prizes--one was a scholarship to a 2 year community college). 9700 people participated. Here is the link to learn more:

Whether your egg hunt is big or small, may peace and joy be with you as we begin the Easter season.

Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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