Monday, September 7, 2009

Tropical Depression #7/Forecast/End of Summer--Pool-wise

Tropical Depression #7 formed this afternoon in the far eastern Atlantic. National Hurricane Center is forecasting it to become a tropical storm but not a hurricane and that it will eventually turn toward the northeast. Long range members of the ensemble models show a movement back toward the west. So, I'll watch it for you.

Meanwhile, just off the eastern seaboard, non-tropical low pressure will bring squalls of rain to the outer banks of North Carolina as well as coastal flooding. According to NHC, chance of it developing is less than 30%.

In the eastern Pacific, Tropical Storm Linda is forecast to become a hurricane but stay away from land as it moves northwestward.

On Tuesday, look over for some severe storms over the northern plains into the western Minnesota. There will be some thunderstorms in many places, especially the southeast and some spots in Texas. High in the 90s for some of the southeast, Texas and southwest with a few 100s in the southwest. Rest of country 70s and 80s.

Houston will be hot and humid with only a slight chance of a thunderstorm. Big low builds into the the midwest by the weekend and that will allow some storms to spin our way.

Let's do summer or verano, pronounced vair-RAH-noh. It really does feel like the end of verano, when you realize the pools are closing.

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Took Sarah and some friends to the pool--the last day it is open for the summer. I always get kind of sad because from summer to summer, the kids grow so much and before you know it, they're not little children any more. Seems like yesterday that Megan was a girl--now she has graduated and is on the verge of entering that big world of employment and young adulthood. Forget the housework...embrace the fun outings. These are the things you will remember forever (and so will they).

Have a great week everyone!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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