Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Forget about Fred--Watch that back door!

Fred is on the verge of becoming a hurricane (as I write this) and latest forecast from National Hurricane Center (NHC) shows a turn to northwest toward the end of the 5 day forecast period. However, fewer models are now advertising an eventual turn to the west.

Low pressure is still along eastern seaboard...still less than 30% chance of developing according to NHC.

Linda (eastern Pacific) is forecast to take a slow turn toward northeast but weakening to a remnant low by then.

For those in Texas and southern Louisiana, we need to look less at Fred and keep a wary eye on our backdoor. I noticed this yesterday but today models are becoming more insistent that some low pressure/troughiness will develop and persist along the Gulf coast. I'm not very concerned about development (although never rule that out even if wind shear is forecast to be against it) but the possibility of extended rounds of heavy rain. Today, moisture came back in fast and one thunderstorms dropped 1.8 inches in Sugar Land and 1.7 inches in Missouri City according to the Harris County Office of Emergency Management's rain gauge network.

So, Houston, get out the umbrellas, raincoats and galoshes. It looks like there will be scattered showers and thunderstorms, some with heavy rain on and off (mainly in the afternoons) through the weekend.

Nationwide on Wednesday, look for some showers and thunderstorms in the south...highs in the 80s and 90s there except a few spots like Phoenix 100+. Elsewhere highs in the 60, 70s and 80s.

Let's do door or puerta, pronounced PWEAR-tah. Let's keep an eye on our back puerta.

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From the "I'm not so sure how I should take that department"...

I was riding up a downtown elevator today. I was alone with one other woman. She exclaimed "Oh don't you look like a pretty little Barbie doll!" I was so taken aback, all I could reply was..."well, I feel like an old Barbie doll". Then she said..."Well you look good for your age...you know considering how old you are". This was definitely a first for me...never been compared to a Barbie doll. I was wearing a blouse, nice capris and open toed sandals (not white of course Ha!). I wonder if she would have said the same thing if I had been wearing one of my old suits. Interesting...

Have a safe Wednesday. Keep those umbrellas handy.

Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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Fat Cat said...

Well, you are very pretty, and you do have blonde hair, but there the similarities end. For one thing, you're very smart, and Barbie always struck me as kind of dumb.

Fat Cat