Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend Weather/High Heels/Doctors in Short Supply

There were 20 tornadoes in the US on Friday including one in Hardin, TX. But the big story for folks in and around Houston was the large hail. One report was baseball sized hail just west of Conroe. Yikes!!! And how about that freaky snow in the panhandle of TX and in OK.

The severe weather this Saturday will be across the southeast. There have already been several reports of severe weather this am in the southeast. This am there is snow in Oklahoma and Kansas. What month is it?! Look for snow in Kansas City today and on Sunday the snow will move into the Ohio Valley and upper midwest. On Sunday the severe weather will be along the eastern seaboard with some snow and rain across the Great Lakes. There will also be showers in the Pacific Northwest on Saturday and then snow/rain in the northern Rockies on Sunday.

Houston--what a difference a day, sunny and windy today. Then on Sunday, absolutely gorgeous with sunshine, lows in the 40s and highs in the 70s. Rain moves through on Tuesday.

Let's do surprise or sorpresa, pronounced sore-PREH-sah. There was a sorpresa on Friday when it snowed in the panhandle of Texas.

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Our latest poll (about women's high heels) ends Monday evening. It's been pushed way down because of the need to prioritize severe weather graphics. Now, it is at the top. So check it out!

My mother and father in-law ended a visit with us on Wednesday. I had to laugh because my father-in-law seemed to attract the animals at the Bayou Wildlife Park more than anyone else in our group. He had had a bad experience with a spitting camel that visiting the St. Albert's schools where he works in Council Bluffs, Iowa. So, he was a bit nervous when this guy at the Bayou Wildlife Park was a little too friendly and persistent.

An endocrinologist I know said her network of endo. doctors is about 700. She said they really need about twice that number. She offered this information after I told her it had taken us a long time to get into to see her for Sarah. I found this information intriguing and troubling. As far as I understand the American Medical Association limits the number of doctors. I can tell you from personal experience that we often have very long lead times for getting Sarah into see various specialists. We're talking several months. And whoa to you if you have to reschedule for some reason. It is very stressful for parents.

Well, we're off to Sarah's Dream League games.

Have a great weekend!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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