Sunday, December 7, 2008

Forecast/Wine Tasting Fun

It is a wintry day in the midwest--central and eastern Iowa, northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin getting hit with snow. There are winter storm advisories, warning, watches for Montana, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Pennsylvania, the Appalachians of West Virginia, many locations in New England. Monday will be in teens and 20s northern Plains and Great Lakes states. There will be some rain developing in Texas and Oklahoma. Look for some snow mixed with rain in Ohio and parts of the Ohio Valley. The Great Lakes will continue to deal with wintry precipitation.

It is going to be a delightful day in Houston...sunshine...mild temperatures. Look for rain to return as early as late Monday with some thunderstorms on Tuesday in the morning and midday before the next cold arrives. It will milder and more muggy Monday and Tuesday before the front arrives.

It is wine or vino, pronounced VEE-noh. Enjoy the vino but be careful not to drink too much. And never drink and drive.

We continue to work on the work around for selling our English teaching video in countries besides the U.S. We are trying to offer the purchasing instructions in Spanish. Our web site is in Spanish but how can they order if the instructions are in English. Sounds so simple but no vendors offer an automatic setting for this. Will let you know when we get it worked out.

In the meantime, for all of our English speaking friends who would like to give the gift of Spanish language learning to their little ones, check out our award winning DVD, Let's Learn Spanish with Frank & Paco. You can order your copies today from our web site,, and you will get shipping within 24 hours. You can also order Let's Learn Spanish with Frank and Paco from,,,,,, and

Had fun at a wine tasting party last night at the home and Doris and Roy Hood. Wayne Baggett brought wine he had made using grapes he grew himself...delicious. He is a meteorologist but he got a degree in wine making by attending a college program on weekends for 2 years. Wow! I was amused by a little contest they had to see how people would vote their preference for 2 wines--one was expensive and one was not. Both were covered so you couldn't see the label. Well, at first the low budget wine was winning but at the end of the evening the more expensive wine pulled ahead in the voting. The total was very close. Interesting!!! Maybe agonizing over the expense isn't so important. Maybe you can get away with a less expensive wine sometimes.

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Have wonderful week everyone and enjoy the weather.

Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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