Monday, December 8, 2008

A Chilly Day Coming/Who Needs Christmas Stamps?

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect this evening for north central and northeast Texas. A line of storms is moving eastward through this area. Houston may get some of the action early Tuesday but it is looking less and less likely.

Houston will be very cold on Tuesday--from the Great Lakes and especially Minnesota (in the single digits for highs) down to New Mexico there will be snow showers. Numerous winter weather advisories and watches are in the effect from New Mexico northeastward to the Great Lakes.

For Houston, it will be one more mild, muggy day before the ccccccooooooolllllddddd returns. A few thunderstorms are possible early Tuesday but it looks like most of the action will be to our north. Some clouds and rain will linger into Wednesday. Those 2 things combined with a big temperature drop will make it very chilly on Wednesday. It won't get out of the 40s on Wednesday. Tuesday, in contrast will be in the 70s.

It is stamp or sello, pronounced SAY-yoh. Don't forget to buy sellos for Christmas cards.

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Anyone want some Christmas stamps? I love convenience as much as the next person, but here is what happens if you try to take advantage of it while dealing with a youngster like Sarah.

We went to the post office and I felt very smart because I was ready to buy some Christmas stamps out of the vending machine and avoid that awful long line. Well, I only needed 2 more books. Not having exact change, I gave Sarah a $20 and told her to put it in the machine. She happily helped me purchase 2 books. Well you know those machines only give coins as change. So we had some nice new dollar coins as part of the change. Now, they are pretty and all, but they are heavy. And sorry to say, I would rather have dollar bills.

As I'm packing an order, Sarah zips back over to the machine and puts in one of the dollar coins. Okay...just push the button and get the change back. Guess what? The machine won't let you do that. Hmmmm. I have to spend it. What are my options? Well I could buy 2 50 cent books of 1 cent makeup stamps...didn't really need those. All I had in my wallet was a $ I couldn't add just a little more money and get one more book of stamps. By the way, all they had was Christmas stamps. So, I went ahead and bought 2 more books. Well, now I have way more Christmas stamps and dollar coins than I need.

So, if you get a birthday card in July with a Christmas stamp, you know why. Ha!

Have a terrific Tuesday.

Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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