Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Power Work Crews --- Pats on Backs All Around!!!

Tropics are very quiet (at least in Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico). So much for the western Caribbean weather we mentioned yesterday.

It is October 1st...the mornings are crisp. The afternoons are warm and dry. But, the humidity will return over the weekend and increase next week. There will also be a few showers and thunderstorms mid-week. It doesn't look like the front will make it mid-week. So, we may have to wait a while for the next shot of dry air.

As of 9 pm this evening, Centerpoint is reporting 99.8% have power (only .2% or 4605 without). So, by the time you read this, they may be all done. It's been 2 and a half weeks and I think all the workers are to be commended. It could have taken much longer. Of course, Galveston and many of our coastal communities have a long way to go. But the progress in every facet of daily life has been amazing!!!

You will notice on the right, a gadget to learn (and hear) a Spanish word of the day. I will continue to put in my own, because I like to teach myself new words. And, I like to pick words which pertain to the news of the day.

Speaking of the news of the day, I was interviewed in Spanish by the Frank and Paco team's Raul Feliciano Sanchez. He is the voice of Paco the Rooster. I will be broadcast on Thursday morning and Raul sent me the clip so I could hear how I sounded. I will try to get a link to that for you on Thursday. The story is about the importance of bilingual learning and my quote is "Es muy importante para el desarollo del conocimiento y es muy importante para el desarollo mental de los niƱos." This basically means: It is very important for the cognitive and mental development of children. I know--I can't believe I said all of that in Spanish. But Raul helped me.

Anyway, with the power return almost 100%, Cecilia's Spanish word of the day is elation or euforia pronounced ay-oo-for-ee-ah. They ran from lighted room to lighted room in an overwhelming state of euforia.

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Toad Hunting resumed tonight (well almost). We found a toad on the back porch. Sarah's friends Gabriella and Nathan were over. So, we will have the last Toad Hunters episode (until next spring) up and running on very soon. We already have thirteen 6 to 9 minute TOAD HUNTERS on youtube. I have a link to the right or you can just go to and search for TOAD HUNTERS. Be sure to watch the most recent ones...lots more information and our silly TOAD HUNTERS song.

Be safe everyone!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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