Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Models Doing Their Job - And Sooooooo Close!

Very close now...Centerpoint reporting 97% have power...66,000 still waiting. I remember when a big storm would blow through and we would be concerned if 10,000 people were waiting.

Looking back on all of this now and reading some of the personal accounts, I think wow! Too bad some of these folks who died in the storm surge (or almost died) hadn't read Through the Night of Terrors or some of the other books about what can happen. Now these survivors will write their own books.

Anyway, getting back to the weather of the day...Tropical Storm Laura (but it won't be tropical much longer as it is affected by the cool waters in its way) may bring 50 mph winds to the British Isles in about 6 days. Stay tuned!

Ah ha!!! Some models have been suggesting that something would develop in the Western Caribbean and sure enough, there is an area of disturbed weather. Will watch this for signs of development.

Next cold front arrives a week from today. You'll notice increased humidity and temperatures starting Saturday. There could be a shower or two with the most likely time being on Tuesday.


No doubt the 3% still without power are filled with anticipation or expectativa, pronounced aches-spak-tah-tee-vah. There were filled with expectativa thinking of all the normal things they couldn't wait to do again, once the power returned.

Research shows there is a correlation between being bilingual and having higher verbal and spatial ability.

The...study investigated the develpment of verbal and spatial abilities over time within a group of Spanish (L1)-English (L2) bilingual children currently attending Kindergarten and First-grade bilingual education programs...The results firmly supported the claim that bilingualism fosters the development of verbal and spatial abilities.

This is from Diaz, R.M. (1982). The Impact of Second-Language Learning on the Development of Verbal and Spatial Abilities. (PhD, Yale University).

Let's Learn Spanish with Frank & Paco, our award winning DVD is going on the road next week!!! Patti Lozano of Dolo Publications is taking it with her to a conference. Have a safe trip Patti. Dolo Publications is in the process of adding us to their web site and they will do so very soon. I'll give you the link, once they are ready!!!

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Have you heard of Longeberger products? I hadn't until my dear friend Kim Matthews started selling them. Well guess what? I am going to have a party at my home on Friday, November 14th. I will be happy to send you an invitation. Just send me an email to cecilia_sinclair@yahoo.com. I'll also give any party attendee a reduced price for our award winning DVD. This is so ideal as the timing before the holidays could not be better. So, mark your calendars!!!

I have to tell you that I am so grateful to the wonderful, dedicated people in the world of education. I met with Sarah's school occupational therapist for 45 minutes today. She wanted to give me suggestions on things to work on with Sarah. Keep in mind that she has 50 kids she keeps track of. Wow! And everyone I have worked with at Sarah's school has been equally dedicated. I appreciate this more than I can possibly say.

Be safe everyone!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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