Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No New Names - But a Change in the Weather

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! A hint of look, I don't want any skepticism or criticism. Just look how happy my hair is today. Oh yeah, you can't see me.

Well, my hair knows when the humidity drops. Incidentally, I am a real blonde (with assistance at this late date). And blonde hair is especially sensitive to much so that it can extend 3% in length with high moisture in the air. Well, we have plenty of that in the Houston area. Blonde hair used to be used in the old style hygrometers (instruments used to measure humidity levels). I know...fascinating.

Well, it is more comfortable, even though yes, it's still hot. But the humidity is slightly lower and we have a northwest breeze. This will be around for a couple enjoy!

Some encouraging developments in the tropics. First of all, Hanna not getting super strong but likely will be a hurricane before landfall end of the week. Now, it is looking like North Carolina but remember lots of error this far out. I'm reminded of the 1938 storm...(in a way)...before satellite unfortunately for folks on eastern Long Island and in eastern Connecticut and Rhode Island. The storm was supposed to curve and head out to sea after brushing by the outer banks of North Carolina. Well, history tells us otherwise. A lot of unsuspecting folks were killed by the storm surge. And actress Katharine Hepburn barely escaped her family's decades old home. Interestingly, because of the damage done to traditional transportation routes, air traffic between Boston and New York and other locales tripled (out of necessity). It was a definite shot in the arm for the airline industry. You can read all about it in the fascinating book Sudden Sea (lots of heartbreaking stories in brace yourself).

Some long range hope with Ike...developing ridge in western Atlantic by week's end likely will steer the storm northwestward (away from the Gulf). Unfortunately, Ike is now the 5th hurricane of the season and it looks like it is going to have conditions favorable for quite a bit of strengthening in the next few days.

Josephine is weakening and might die altogether. It's in and inhospitable area and should remain so.

With our newly "crisp" air, I know my mind is turning to thoughts of the holidays and other celebrations. My children's DVD, Let's Learn Spanish with Frank & Paco has just been selected a Top 10 educational product of 2008 by Dr. Toy!!! This product will be offered in the January 2009 Teachers Discovery catalog. So tell all your teaching friends. Early language learning provides many benefits including increased brain cell density in the area associated with language, improved cognitive development and higher scores on standardized math and science tests. I like that science part especially! Order your copy from, Ventura's Educational Supply, Dolo Publications, Carlex Inc., The Curious Mind Store,,, and

Take care everyone and be safe.
More to come.
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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