Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hint of Fall, Palin, Ike, Josephine, Spanish word of the Day

Well, it occurred to me that I wasn't really delivering on my title and I should have made it WeatherSpanishandMore. Hurricane season won't last forever. So, if you read it here...come the end of hurricane activity, I'll switch to just non-tropical weather. But, I'm also going to add something new starting today...the spanish word of the day, and something more.

First of all -
Walking Sarah to school this am, oooohhhhh, ahhhhhh. Comfortable humidity and a pleasant northerly breeze. The cold front has arrived. And I won't call it a "cool" front...technically there is no such thing. The lower humidity will be with us for a few days so enjoy!

Hanna is struggling...still looks like North Carolina, timing early Saturday. It will probably be a tropical storm at landfall. Then it races up the coast. Still might move through eastern Connnecticut, Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts.

Ike became a major hurricane Wednesday. Early today it weakened slightly but it is still a Category 4 storm. Long range predictions all now agree with a turn which will not allow it to enter the Gulf. Only one model shows it hitting Cuba but it still turns. We'll see if it misses the east coast.

Josephine is struggling but will probably stay a tropical storm over the next few days. This one really isn't a concern at all. Really keep an eye on it.

Today's Spanish word is one of my favorites: temperatura meaning temperature. I know...that isn't very hard. But I love the way it is pronounced. Now, I will give you the Cecilia key to how to pronounce it. Note this is not standard phonetics. Say tim-pair-uh-too-ruh. Practice it several times to impress your friends. Oh and to hear it in action, watch a Spanish weathercast. Love it!

Watched Sarah Palin last night. Let's talk about the hair. Loved the do. Wish I had hair like her's. I know, I have hair issues. But the bangs started to bug me. They were slipping lower and lower on that one side. My advice next time...maybe a little trim and one more shot of hair spray.

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More to come.
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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