Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav Weakening...Hanna and Ike Threatening

Gustav is now a tropical storm. More than a dozen tornadoes so far and more still possible as it spins northwestward into Texas. Hopefully it won't move too slowly. Model runs showing a slightly better scenario than before.

It was actually kind of nice in Houston today--nice overcast and northerly flow. Enjoyed the poole with daughter and her friend. Got the radish seeds and peas in the ground. Said in a previous post that the radishes would be ready around that would be the peas. The radishes will be ready in about 22 days.

Back to the tropics. Most models track Ike westward this week. Could get into the Gulf. Hanna which is a hurricane now will threaten the east coast late this week. Latest projection has landfall in South Carolina on Friday.

So bottom line--all those supplies you purchased for Gustav...hang onto them. Hurricane season isn't over yet! The latest a hurricane has hit hit Texas was Jerry on October 15, 1989. So, we aren't done yet. Besides, records are made to broken. Usually storms don't get to Texas later in the season (which officially ends November 30th) because of upper troughs and their associated surface cold fronts.

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More to come! Have a great week everyone and be safe!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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