Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav - Some Good News but Stay Vigilant - Tropical Depression 9 - Yikes, Here comes Ike

First of all, it looks like Gustav weakened to a Category 2 before landfall. But, as we all know from storms like Rita and maybe July's Dolly, a 2 is still a big deal. Interestingly enough, the storm started to form a better eye after landfall at 8:30 am this morning at Cocodrie, Louisiana. That is probably part of this intensity cycle I have discussed in previous blogs. Thank goodness, it wasn't on the upswing before landfall. It remains to be seen how much damage has been done to the levees.

Ongoing business with Gustav includes tornadoes and that will be a threat for at least the next 24 hours. And also look at for torrential rainfall. Depending on where you are, some good news in that the models are showing a more northward movement over the next few days. We will still have to keep an eye on the Trinity and San Jacinto watershed over the next one to two weeks.

The tropics are cooking now. Tropical Depression #9 just formed in the central Atlantic. This will become Ike and intensify to a hurricane as it moves westward. Long range models show it heading toward the Gulf. Hanna will be something the eastern seaboard deals with this week.

Some rain in the Houston area starting as early as late today. Most likely timing will be Tuesday. I'm going to put in my fall garden today and hope for some beneficial drops. I'm definitely putting in some radishes. Should be ready by Halloween.

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More to come!
Be safe everyone!
Cecilia Sinclair
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