Saturday, March 5, 2011

3 Month Precipitation/Temperature Outlooks/Poll on Charlie Sheen/We are in Austin

Sunday will be a wet day for the eastern seaboard from Florida to Massachusetts. Very cold for the northern plains with highs in the single digits. Pleasant for the south central and southwest with low humidity, sunshine and highs in the 60s and 70s and 80s. Look for snow for the Rockies, northern plains into the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes.

Houston and Austin, rain is either coming to an end or has already ended. A windy day today and then pleasant on Sunday with chilly morning temperatures and highs in the 60s and 70s. Some rain possible mainly for Houson middle of the coming week. Next best chance for T-Storms a week from Monday.

Let's do toiler paper or papel higiƩnico, pronounced pah-PELL ee-hee-EHN-ee-coh. Find out where I saw the best papel higiƩnico dispenser ever in the AND MORE section.

Very excited developments for my DVD Spanish language series...we received our first royalty check from a company called Wonderscape Entertainement--woohoo!

We have released our Volume 3 DVD and Volumes 1 through 3 music review CD for Let's Learn Spanish with Frank & Paco. We have a special at our web site. Buy the bundle--Volumes 1 through 3 and get the music review CD for FREE!!! To take advantage of that offer, go to our web site:

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Cecilia is now in Austin
I am now resurfacing after completing (well almost completing) the rigors of a city to city move. We are staying with my sister Liz thanks sis!) in Austin until our house is done being built. We should be getting into it at the end of the month. Her apartment is super nice (much nicer than anything I ever stayed in). It is 2 bedrooms and 2 we have our own space. We eased into this living arrangement very easily.

Sarah has completed her first week at her new school. She made an amazingly smooth transition and is very happy.

I start my new job on Monday.

This week we finalized the closing of our house in Missouri City. We have been enjoying the Brushy Creek part area which is close to where we will be living. It is an amazing never to be developed area complete with lake, dam and 8 mile running trail. The weather has been amazing.

Overall, the lifestyle seems to be more laid back here and that is nice for us in our old age. Ha! Ha!

Of course we have been eating out, enjoying new restaurants. The picture at right is of an amazing toilet paper dispenser I saw in a restaurant yesterday. What a great more fumbling to find the end of the toilet paper more mess. Love it! Who know such a simple thing could make my day so much.

We are amazed at how many restaurants, retail stores and especially pharmacies there are around here. Are people sick more often in Austin?

I can tell the air is cleaner. My allergies are almost non-existent (at least at the moment).

I will be working full time. So, I won't promise frequent posts. But I will do what I can as I love to discuss the weather.

Gave my first weather forecast to the general contractor working on our new home. He had to pour some concrete and needed to know when it would rain. I think I nailed it...hope it worked out for him.

New Poll
My poll on whether you enjoyed being off the last dangerous winter weather day is closed. 77% said they did. 0% said they did not. And 22% said they did not get the day off. Only one answer was allowed. Thanks to all who participated.

My new poll is about Charlie Sheen. I will give you my thoughts about his situation after the poll closes as I don't want to skew the answers. Do you think his recent problems will result in a positive impact on people with addictions? Only one answer is allowed. Thanks in advance for participating.

3 Month Temperature/Precipitation Forecasts
The March through May temperature from the Climate Prediction Center calls for above normal temperatures for much of the southern half of the country and below normal tempeatures for the Pacific northwest through the western Great Lakes states and for the southern half of Alaska. For precipitation, the outlook is for drier than normal conditions for all of the south and into the central plains and also for coastal Alaska.

Drought-wise, from Arizona to Florida and northward through Virginia there will be persistence to development of drought. Northern Alabama and western Tennessee and Hawaii will experience an improvement in conditions.

This tree is not dead
Our new house has a Gum Bumelia tree. At first we thought it was a dead oak tree, but then we figured out what it was. These kinds of trees are all over around here and there is often mistletoe in the branches. I was interested to read that the sap was often chewed like gum. The attached link says that it is an evergreen but the ones around here have no leaves right now.

Have a great week everyone!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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