Friday, December 10, 2010

Cold Weather Returning/Very Special Cheerleading Team

Western ridge/eastern trough pattern continues into early next week. That will keep the really cold air riding up over the northern Rockies into the Midwest and southward to the eastern Gulf coastal states and into the northeast. It means over the weekend places like Montana and Minnesota will have areas where the high never gets above zero or the low single digits. It means snow for the Rockies, Great Lakes and northern New England this weekend. Meanwhile, much of the southwest will and southeast will enjoy mild afternoons.

Pattern starts changing early in the coming week as the western ridge flattens allowing the cold air to move further south--into the following weekend.

Houston, we'll get a glancing blow of colder air via a cold front on the backside of the eastern trough. This means chilly and windy weather for Sunday with some mid 20s lows for areas north of Houston Sunday night into Monday morning. Bottom line, if you don't like it cold, do your running around on Saturday.

Let's do team spirit or espíritu de equipo, pronounced ehs-PEE-ree-tu DAY eh-KEE-poh. To ready a beautiful story about espíritu de equipo, go to the AND MORE section.

Our Volume 3 DVD and Volumes 1 through 3 music review CD should be arriving this week. We have ordered 1000 copies of each. In the meantime, you can find my award winning education series, Let's Learn Spanish with Frank & Paco, Volumes 1 and 2, on the shelf (in the education section) at Barnes & Noble stores or you can order them from,,,, or Our ESL (English as a Second Language) version can be found at P.S. THEY MAKE TERRIFIC GIFTS!!!

Storm Cheer Special Needs APEX Gets Standing Ovation at American Spirit Competition
Last Saturday, Sarah was part of a special performance at the American Spirit Cheerleading Competition held at Houston's Astro Arena. Storm Cheer has a special team called Apex, made of up of children with disabilities and volunteer high school cheerleaders. Sarah has a wonderful partner Lauren, who gives up her valuable time one day each week to help Sarah enjoy cheerleading. The team is also coached by Jennifer and Brian at Storm Cheer, whose enthusiasm is tremendously appreciated. The team made everyone proud as they did their sommersaults and pyramids. It was absolutely awesome!!! They have another exhibition this weekend. Go Storm Cheer Apex team!

Have a great weekend everyone!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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