Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tropical Update/HEB Gift Super Gift Card Deal/Seeing Peter Pan

In the Atlantic, Colin forms and then it fizzles. There is still a possiblity it could reform but for now, the National Hurricane Center, is no longer issuing advisories on it. Track forecast is mainly to miss the US and even to miss Bermuda. Will monitor.

Meanwhile, those of us in Texas need to keep a close eye on the disturbance in the eastern Caribbean. There are indications that it will organize and become a hurricane as it tracks westward and then into the Gulf. Most models at this point have it hitting Mexico but it is way early. Will keep you posted.

Another disturbance in the eastern Pacific has only a 10% chance of developing in the next 48 hours.

On Wednesday, there is a slight risk for severe storms from Iowa and Missouri over to Ohio. Brutally hot in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and the desert Southwest with many 100+ readings. Very hot and and sticky for the eastern US, except the northeast which will have highs in the 70s and 80s. West coast of California will be the cool spot with highs in the 60s. Also pleasant for the northern tier of states with highs in the 70s and 80s.

Houston will continue hot and humid with highs near 97 or 98 through the weekend. Slight risk for rain returns Wednesday through the weekend, but it is low--only 10 to 20%.

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Build-A-Bear Poll Results
My poll on how many Build-A-Bear projects you have purchased is closed. 42% said none. 14% said one. 0% said 2. 28% said 3. And, 14% said more than 3. Only one answer was allowed. Thanks to allwho participated.

I'll have a new poll in my next blog.

Great Gift Card Deal at HEB!
If you buy any gift card in any amount at HEB, you will get a $5 coupon off any purchase of at least $15 worth of groceries in the following 2 weeks. Well, I easily spend that each time I go and I get groceries at least once a week. So think about this, this is like getting a $15 gift card for only $10. Great deal!!!

Sarah Meets Cathy Rigby
In a previous posted, I told you how we were driving in Branson and saw that Cathy Rigby was starring in the musical Peter Pan. This was my 12th trip to the area (we go to Table Rock Lake) and I had never been to any show. Well, Sarah decided that she wanted to see it. So, we did! And what a wonderful show it was!!! I was so impressed at the gymnastics being performed by Cathy Rigby--now 57 years old. The end of the show was a big thrill when she walked out for the curtain call and then flew right at us and way to the rear of the audience. I totally did not expect that. She threw fists full of "pixie dust" as she flew overhead and it ended up down my shirt and in my purse. It scared Sarah a bit but she recovered.

Anyway, after the show, people lined up to give a $1 donation to get a picture and autograph from Cathy. I looked into the donation and it was for the Peter Pan Children's Fund which encourages children to be philanthropists and help childrens' hospitals. Here is the link to the web site:

Cathy was very interested in hearing more about Sarah's syndrome and I told her to check out prisms.org. Who knows...maybe the Peter Pan Children's Fund will end up helping the Baylor Genetics department--one of the top 3 research facilities in the country for Smith-Magenis Syndrome.

Have a great week everyone!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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