Thursday, June 24, 2010

Western Caribbean Disturbance/3 Month Weather Outlooks

Western Caribbean system getting it's act together and National Hurricane Center giving it 60% chance of becoming an organized tropical storm within the next 48 hours. Models are still divergent. But the more "reliable" models take it into the Gulf and turn it northward and then northeastward. I don't even like to look at intensity forecasts as they are so unreliable. What I have seen generally shows an increase in strength and then a decrease and then an increase. Might note that early season storms are not known to be super strong wind wise. So that is a comfort. But, we have a lot of hurricane season left.

In the Pacific, Celia is a major hurricane--forecast to move generally westward and then eventually weaken after strengthening a bit more. Then there is the new hurricane...Darby...just off the western Mexican coast. This storm is forecast to strengthen slightly and move northwestward and then weaken as it turns northeast (aiming toward Mexico but due to continued weakening, likely to be nothing more than a rain maker if it makes it to Mexico).

On Friday, look for 60s, 70s and 80s on the west coast and northern states with 80s and 90s elsewhere and some 100s in the southwest. There will be some severe storms in the northern plains over to the western Great Lakes.

Houston will continue to swelter with a few thunderstorms. As I write this block, there are some lovely thunderstorms in the area...the rain sounds wonderful. The grass will be growing fast! A hot and humid weekend on the way with a few showers or thunderstorms each day...better chance midweek as an upper trough swings by to the north.

Let's do debut or debutar, pronounced day-byoo-TAR. When will Positively Houston debutar...why it already did today! Find out more in the AND MORE section.

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I've updated the 3 Month Temperature and Precipitation Outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center. For Houston the outlook is for above normal precipitation and above normal about your Amazon rainforest scenario. And it has been just that, with high temperatures (upper 90s) combined with very high humidity levels...making it feel like 105 most of the afternoon. This is that kind of heat and humidity where just being outside, even in the shade, is not comfortable.

I've also updated the drought monitor and outlook. Most of the country is not in severe drought and the outlook is mainly for persistence. So overall, drought not a huge problem nationwide.

The poll on eyelash extensions is closed. 40% of respondents said they would consider getting extensions while 60% said they would not. Only one answer was allowed. Thanks to all who participated. I'll try to have a new poll in my next post.

Positively Houston premiered tonight! This is the good news program where I helped with the weather portion. Here is an overview of where you can see it from creator Christina Maxwell:

Positively Houston premiered tonight on Houston PBS 8.2 with The Weather Research Center at the John C. Freeman Weather Museum and will run a total of 44 times on the stations below until our next episode. Positively Houston will also air on other networks like HCC Television which are watched by several thousand people. HTV airs in all government buildings in Houston so we are likely to be seen by everyone waiting for Jury Duty as well.

This project is the fruition of 5 years of hard work and vision by Christina Maxwell. Congratulations Christina!!!

Have a fantastic Friday and weekend!!!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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