Friday, April 16, 2010

Will it Rain?/3 Month Temperature Outlooks/Work as a Pretend Patient

Cool spot on Saturday will be in the northeast and Great Lakes with highs in the 40s and 50s. There will be some showers in New England. The rest of the country will be in the 60s to 80s...with some thunderstorms across the Rockies and southern states.

Houston will be muggy with some showers and thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday. Right now, it is looking like Sunday will be wettest day, but I would have backup plans for outdoor activities for both days. Temperatures will be mild.

Let's do patient or paciente, pronounced pah-see-EHN-tay. Did you know you can make money as a pretend paciente. See the AND MORE section to learn more.

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My poll on income taxes is closed. 100% of respondents said they are getting a refund this year. No one said they are breaking even or paying this year. Only one answer was allowed. Thanks to all who participated.

I'll have a new poll on my next post.

One of my new neighbors works as a standardized patient. I had never heard of that job. So, I took the liberty of doing some research on it. She said she loves it because she has flexibility and she is a theater arts major. I found several links. The following one talks about jobs making $18 and even $20/hour. Check it out--maybe this would be a good job for you!!!

I posted the new 3 months temperature and precipitation outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center. Temperature-wise, the central section of the country should have below normal temperatures (Houston area should have average) while the west and a portion of the east should have above normal temperatures. The central US and a spot in the northeast should have above normal precipitation.

The Climate Prediction Center's El Nino Southern Oscillation discussion says that the El Nino should continue through the spring and then phase to neutral for the summer. Here is what they had on their web site as far as impacts:

For the contiguous United States, potential El NiƱo impacts include above-average precipitation for the southeastern states, while above-average temperatures are most likely for the Pacific Northwest.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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