Sunday, February 7, 2010

This Week's Weather/New Poll/What I Did During Super Bowl

Very cold start to the week over the northern Rockies and northern plains with highs in the teens. Snow from Denver into the Midwest and Great Lakes. Mild across southern California and Arizona, southern Texas and the Gulf coast states with highs in the 60s and/or 70s. 50s for the Pacific Northwest and 30s for the Northeast including New York, DC and Boston.

Houston, our Seattle winter continues! On Monday, we will have a milder day but look for some thunderstorms during the later part of the day and then chilly again on Tuesday with highs near 50. A light freeze early Wednesday and highs in the 40s and then more rain on Thursday and then rain again Sunday. Highs on Thursday and Friday will also only be in the 40s.

Let's do advocado or aguacate, pronounced ah-gwah-CAH-tay. There's nothing as yummy for Super Bowl as good old guacomole made from aguacate. MMMMMM!

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Well the Super Bowl is on as I write this post and my husband just told me I am crazy to be writing a blog during the game. I told him don't worry, I am listening. Sarah is napping at the moment. So, I need to make the most of this time. In a few minutes, I'll be making some guacomole and grilling some steaks. The potatoes are baking in the oven. But, I am getting more and more into eating heathier foods. For one thing, I think you just feel better. And, I know it is better for the heart etc. We also take fish oil (and Sarah does too). So, my new poll is about healthy eating. Sorry if I left out your favorite healthy food. You can always leave a comment to share with others. More than one answer is allowed. Thanks in advance for participating.

So, the poll about your favorite source of weather information is closed. 28% said this blog is their number one place to get weather...sorry I included that...just being thanks for humoring me. 28% said the Internet. 14% said a TV weathercast, or radio, or the National Weather Service. No one said newspapers, private forecasting service, own observation or other. Thanks to all who participating.

The winner of the John C. Freemen Weather Museum's contest for new favorite Texas animal to be our equivalent of Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, was Alamo the steer. I got to take a picture with the big guy (see photo at right). He won over 5 other competitors including an armadillo and jack rabbit. Well, he had good news for us. He didn't see his he wasn't scared and that means Winter is officially over. You know what, I don't think that big guy is scared of anything!!!

My sister sent the photo at right this week. It's my adorable nephews and niece Jared, Tyler and Riley enjoying an igloo they built in the Lake Tahoe, California area. They've had a ton of snow this year!!! Speaking of snow, my mother-in-law in Council Bluffs, IA said this is the snowiest winter they have ever had.

Well, I've been having a lot of nice chats with my nephew Taylor, age 20, who is staying with us for a while as he goes to school to become a diesel mechanic. He has really got me reminiscing, asking me lots of questions about growing up with his dad etc. We got to talking about computers and I remembered that when I was in high school, a club I was in called the Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) saved our money and bought an Apple computer. This was back in 1981. It was such a big deal that the local news covered know that we had a real computer there at our school. My wonderful Physics and Calculus teacher, Edwin Bates, set up a self study class for us to learn some programming, if I remember right, it was QBasic. Wow! Have we come a long way since then!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl and the good eats!!! Have a great week everyone!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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