Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ida Update/Special Night for Special Needs/Happy Wedding

Ida became a hurricane on Thursday. Then, it moved into Nicaragua and as I write this post, it is a depression. In another day or two it will be back out over the northwest Caribbean and will move into the Gulf by late Monday. For those of us along the upper Texas coast, I am happy to say that the models are now showing a turn to the northeast which means that Florida is most likely to deal with a strike...and that is what statistics would suggest. The intensification questions is interesting. Some models show strengthening to hurricane force. Wind shear looks to decrease at the time it moves into the southern Gulf and water temperatures are still warm enough. So, we shall see.

Dry and mild on Friday with highs in the 70s and 80s for the southern Plains and central US. Highs will be in the 40s and 50s in the northeast and northwest. Look for some showers in the northwest.

Houston, looks like the chamber of commerce weather will continue through Saturday. Then, there is a chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms Sunday and Monday. So, plan the outdoor activities for Saturday. I don't think Sunday will be a wash out. So, you might be able to get outside on Sunday too.

Let's do wedding or boda, pronounced BOW-dah. I went to a boda last night. Find out more in the AND MORE section.

TNT Media is one of our DVD distributors. They work for Alliance Entertainment which in tune supplies Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Target and even Walmart. I am happy to say that we have been getting more orders. So, I suspect the video is starting to take hold in some of the Barnes and Noble stores where they have been giving it some shelf placement. Don't miss out...order Volumes 1 and 2 today from,,, or our web site


This has been a super busy but fun week. Last night, we went to the wedding of an old high school buddy named Vannie. She finally met Mr. Right and they were married last night. My other friend Marilyn went all out to make sure the celebration was perfect. The bride wore black and burgundy....a beautiful combination and that theme was echoed in the bridal party. Congratulations Vannie and Willie. Much happiness!

This is a big weekend for parents of children with Smith-Magenis Syndrome. Gordy and I are hosting the 6th annual SMS picnic for the families of children with SMS. We have a variety of games and activities planned. One of the favorite parts is the sensory area with a large container of bird seed. The kids love to dig in it and let the seeds run through their fingers. At the end, we toss the seeds to the birds. This get together brings people from other states, even other countries. We have a new family joining this year from Mexico City.

Baylor College of Medicine is one of the top 3 research facilities in the world for SMS. At the helm of the research is Dr. Lorraine Potocki. Dr. Potocki is very aware of the stress on the families. So the 2nd year we did the picnic, she started something called Parents Night Out at Baylor. The Baylor medical students watch SMS and Down Syndrome children while the parents get to go out. Many people don't understand how hard it is to get away when you have a special needs child. It can be nearly impossible to find someone qualified to watch them. For some of the participiating parents, this is the only break they ever get. Many of them have families and friends who are just too afraid to watch their special needs child. So, we thank you Dr. Potocki. We are so grateful!!! God bless her and the important work being done in genetics all over the world.

Happy weekend everyone!

Cecilia Sinclair

Wonder Weather Woman

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