Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Heavy Rain Returning to Houston!/More on Swine Flu/Donate an Animal

Tropical Atlantic is quiet. Tropical Pacific has one area with less than a 30% chance of developing.

Big, deep trough is digging south over the western US. As I write this post, winter storm warnings, watches, advisories are in effect from the Rockies into the northern Plains and in some of the Intermountain Region. On Wednesday, highs will be in the 30s and 40s for much of this area. Across the southeast, highs will be in the 50s to 70s. West coast highs will be in the 60s...Pacific Northwest 40s and 50s. There is a slight risk for severe storms in north central TX and western Oklahoma.

Houston, here comes the rain again!!! The showers should begin late Wednesday and then look out for some severe weather and heavy rain on Thursday...especially after noon. Surface cold front arrives between 6 and 9 pm Thursday. But, upper trough doesn't pass until the 2nd half of Friday...so more rain, even some heavy is possible into Friday pm. This is a big concern given that there are flood warnings right now on the Brazos and Trinity Rivers. Everyone really needs to pay attention to the weather these next few days! Trick or Treat forecast looking good with temperatures in the 60s (evening) and no rain expected.

Let's do cow or vaca, pronounced VAH-cah. Buy a cow for a needy family this holiday season. Find out how in the AND MORE section.

Yep...less than 2 months until Christmas!!! Just today, I had an order through a friend (thanks Mollie) from a lady who wants to help her family and friends who speak only Spanish--to learn English. That is what I call our ESL version through www.frankypaco.com.

Of course for all you English speaking folks, we have 2 DVDs from which your youngsters will love learning Spanish! Order Volume 1 or Volume 2 from our award winning series, Let's Learn Spanish with Frank & Paco from our web site www.frankandpaco.com or at www.amazon.com. If you order through Amazon, please help us out and put in some positive comments. It makes a great birthday or holiday gift. Volume 1 has three chapters about Home, Family, Eating/Drinking and Play. Volume 2 has three chapters (and about 50 words/phrases) My Day, My Body, My Feelings.

Quick update on Sarah. She is doing much better. No fever since Sunday. Still congested with runny nose and went home early on Monday--very unusual for her. Said she had a headache. Sleeping more and sleepier than usual still. After consulting the CDC web site and looking around, I could not find any fever type or other reactions to the Swine Flu vaccine. So, I'm thinking that maybe it was coincidence--she caught Gordy's cold. That right that is weird as Gordy almost never gets sick. Ironically, (knock on wood), I have not gotten sick. I know...now I'm doomed! Anyway, still not sure about her fever. But, I'm just glad she's not running one any more.

So, I'm trying to do some quick posts on Quickbooks. Okay! Okay! Again, it is telling me there is an update. I CAN'T STAND THE UPDATE GUILT. Gahhhhh!!! Okay! I'll install the update already! And of course, that delays me a good half an hour. But I finally completed it! Oh the stress of it all. Finally, I have peace!!!

Ran into Randall's to pick up a few things this evening...it was the most convenient grocery store. And, I was very surprised to see how low the prices were for Randall's card holders. I got my milk for $1.99 a gallan. The eggs were $1.69 (I think) for 18 (one and a half dozen). The bananas were .49/lb. Even Sarah's overnight pullups were $15.99 for 21...all of these same price as HEB. And I like that the store is smaller so I can get in and out more quickly--especially with Sarah by my side. I have no idea where my Randall's card is--I just give them my phone number.

Ran into a new stocker at the Randall's. He said it was only his 2nd day at the Sugar Land store. He said it is so nice and quiet--unlike the downtown store he came from. Said that the downtown store is always mobbed as it is the only grocery store in the area.

I am teaching 2nd grade CCE at St. Laurence. Today, we received our fall service projects and I think our's is so neat! We are collecting money for Heifer International. If we reach our goal of $320, we can purchase the following: one sheep ($120), one goat ($120), one flock of chicks ($20) and tree seedlings ($60). The families also receive education on how to care for the animals and trees so they can help themselves. So, I googled this and here is the link:
What a great gift idea for the person who has everything!

Here's to making the upcoming holiday season truly meaningful!

Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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