Sunday, September 20, 2009

Severe Weather Threat/Fall Begins Tuesday/My Favorite Billy Gilman Song

Nice and quiet in the tropical Atlantic Basin and only one area with less than a 30% chance of developing in the Pacific.

Mid to upper low will be a big weather maker this week. It is over the central US. Now, it is supposed to push a cold front through the southern plains...with showers and thunderstorms (some severe along with it). Note, the slight risk for severe weather on Monday from north Texas into western Missouri. Nice and cool on Monday in Denver--high near 50. Phoenix, however, should be well over 100 for a high. 80s and 90s across the southeast and southern plains. Elsewhere, mainly 60s and 70s. Look for rain from the southeast into the Great Lakes (except dry in New England). There will be rain over the Rockies too.

Houston will be warm and muggy with scattered storms on Monday. Rain will be more widespread on Tuesday as the cold front approaches. Models say it will move through, but the air mass will be very shallow and the front will stall and produce some more rain even into Wednesday. Another weak front arrives Friday and then a stronger one the following Tuesday. Some of the storm on Tuesday could become severe. And, there could be some flooding.

Let's do earth or Tierra, pronounced tee-AIR-rrrahh. Don't forget to roll the rr. How are you spending your time on this Tierra? I have a wonderful, inspirational song for you in the AND MORE section.

The earth was green, lush and just plain beautiful (at least where we were ) when shot our award winning Volume 1 DVD of Let's Learn Spanish with Frank & Paco. It makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas/holiday gift for the youngsters. And, Volume 2 should be here within days. You can order the your copy from,,,,,,, and For our English as a Second Language (ESL) version, go to


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Tuesday, September 22nd, will mark the official start of Fall. It is the autumnal equinox and according to the U.S. Naval Observatory, the official start is at 3:18 pm that afternoon (central time zone). This is the date in the Northern Hemisphere when the length of night and day are approximately the same (12 hours). The length of daylight will now be less than the length of night and will continue to decrease.

I have been constantly reminded of Billy Gilman since Megan returned from the MDA telethon. She is playing his music 24/7. Since I am also an expert, by exposure, I thought I would share with you my favorite of all of his songs. In fact, this might be my favorite song of all time. It's not the best recording (from his appearance on Larry King Live). But, I still hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. The song is called "My Time On Earth". Keep in mind, this recording is from when he was 13. Now, he is 21. See his photo with Megan at right.

Have a great week everyone!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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