Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hurricane Jimena and Tropical Storm Erika/Ant War Story/Stormy Weekend

Hurricane Jimena making headlines today as it sets its sights on Baja California. Af of this post, it is still a major hurricane with 115 mph winds. But, it is weakening. It will continue weakening as it makes landfall overnight and moves mostly over land. The remnants of Tropical Depression are almost all gone...NHC stopped issuing advisories today.

Tropical Storm Erika formed in the western Atlantic today. Not a good consensus about where it is going as the Bermuda High is forecast to build westward but the steering currents are weak. NHC is forecasting only slight intensification and then weakening. So, we shall see. Meanwhile, over the eastern Atlantic, there is a new area of disturbed weather.

Very pleasant with a hint of fall over the eastern US. On Wednesday, 90s and 100s with be over south Texas and the west (except for immediate west coast). Florida will have highs in the 80s with some thunderstorms. Elsewhere, highs will be in the 70s.

Houston's high on Tuesday was only 85!!! Now that's the way to start September!! The high on Monday was 87. We did have a day with highs in the 80s on the last day of July. Prior to that it was early June when highs were only in the 80s. Looks like scattered storms will return on Friday and there will be some Saturday and Sunday.

Let's do ant or hormiga, pronounced or-MEE-gah. Do you have an hormiga problem? See one story in the AND MORE section.

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If you live on the southwest side of Houston, I'm just wondering if you know about Highway 90...this is a super fast and easy way to get to the medical center. Takes 5 to 10 minutes off your commute depending on the time of day. Just thought I'd pass that along.

I put out some more of the pepperminty bug insecticide. Lots of dead ants now. Speaking of ants, I'm reminded of my childhood. Guess one time when I was staying at my Grandma Gearhart's, there were actually ants in the cottage cheese. I was horrified. When I told Grandma, she said "ah, that's okay...ants are good for you...they give you protein". I don't think I ate it even then. That Grandma was a character...true pioneer woman. So down to earth--nothing fancy--all about surviving. Her husband (my grandpa) was an entrepreneur and super outgoing. Even though he made a fortune, she didn't want any luxuries. They always lived in a simple house...not ostentatious at all. Poor Grandpa wanted to spend some money on her. But whenever he did, he was severely chastised. She didn't want or need anything. She was quite a character--kind of reminded me of granny on Beverly Hillbillies (although my Grandma was taller) and I don't remember being fed possum. She did cook good basic food--spaghetti with lots of butter, baked chicken--everything always yummy.

So, if you get an ant attack--remember don't kill 'em, eat'em--lots of protein!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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