Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rain Returns!/Poll Results/New Poll

There is one non-tropical area of low pressure in the central Atlantic...that probably won't develop. There is an area off the west coast of Mexico which has a chance to develop...but it will probably move away from land. Will keep watching.

High pressure over the south central US will start weakening and slipping westward over the weekend as an upper trough digs in from the northeast. Until then, stormy areas will be up and over the top of the ridge. See Storm Prediction risk areas at right. There will also be some thunderstorms in Florida. 100+ for much of Texas and Arizona. Pleasant along the west coast of California, northwest, northern plains and the northeast.

Houston's high of 100 on Friday tied the record of 100 from 1980. This was also the second day in a row of at least 100 degree weather. Look for a high very close to 100 for the Fourth and almost as hot on Sunday. But then, important weather changes!!!!!!!! Rain returns and it will be cooler with some scattered showers and thunderstorms through Friday. Yippee!!!

Let's do fire or fuego, pronounced FWAY-go. Remember the burn ban and any restrictions on fireworks...everything is really dry.

Don't just fire up the grill this summer. Fire up your child's interest in other languages. Order our award winning Let's Learn Spanish with Frank & Paco, Volume 1, from You can also order from,,,,,, and For our English as a Second Language (ESL) version, go to

Our poll about how you like to network on the Internet is closed. More than one answer was allowed. 55% said they on are on Facebook. 11% use My Space. 11% use Twitter. 77% use email. 22% have their own blog. No one used a list server, was on Linked In, or had some other way. Thanks to all who participated.

The new poll has to do with ideal vacations. I am providing a list of possibilities and you can only choose one. Have fun dreaming!!!

It was like my childhood all over again. My youngest brother got some fireworks and we set them off. The sparklers were duds...could barely light them (even with a match!!!). But we had fun igniting some roman candles and some of those ones that spin on the ground. The kids, my nephews Toby, Zach and Joseph reacted in different ways. Toby was wary. Zach wasn't very interested and Joseph (the youngest) wanted to get way too close!!! Sarah was tired and nervous that I would get hurt. Then, we watched a community display which was actually very good. Before the fireworks, my brother had a cool inflated waterslide set up in his backyard. He cooked out hamburgers and hot dogs and his wife made yummy fruit kabobs. My sister Liz had brought over her 6 month old Golden Retriever, Boone. He is a doll and so fun to wrestle with. At 70 pounds, he is hard to handle. Liz said he is going to make it to 100 pounds. Yikes!!! It was a fun night!!!

Have a happy and safe fourth everyone!!!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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