Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It is going to rain!!!/Pride, Prejudice and a Plot Twist /Bowling Made Better

The Atlantic Basin is quiet.

In the Eastern Pacific, Carlos is a hurricane with 105 mph winds. It is eventually expected to weaken as it moves westward. Newly formed Tropical Depression 5E is forecast to move mainly west-northwest and strengthen to a tropical storm.

On Wednesday, with the exception of the west coast of California, all of the southern states should have highs in the 90s and 100s (100s being in Texas, Oklahoma, the southwest and even as far north as inland Oregon). Highs will be in the 60s along the west coast of California, the northern plains, the Great Lakes and the northeast. Look for storms from Colorado to the Ohio Valley and some in the southeast.

Houston had its 5th straight day of 98 degree readings--not the 100s we had but the humidity has been plenty high. Sugar Land has hit 100 2 days in a row. Help!!! We're melting and our grass is burning up! Well here is some good news!!! Looks like the ridge is going to ease back to the west starting Thursday and stay that way for at least a week. That means there could be storms coming down the edge of the ridge and over us as soon as Thursday. Best chances for rain will be end of weekend into middle of the coming week. The rain will also help cool things off.

Bandera report for my step-dad--Gerry, looks like Bandera will get some rain middle to end of the NEXT week.

Let's do hope or esperanza, pronounced s-pehr-RAHN-zah. We have esperanza that it will rain!!!

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We went to one of Sarah's friend's birthday parties last weekend. It was at a bowling alley. Now, I know you've heard of bumpers being put up. But have you ever seen the special launching rack that can be used? You just place the ball on top and let it roll down to the floor with momentum from gravity helping it to roll on down to the lane. Of course this is a great idea for the little ones who have such a hard time swinging a big, heavy bowling ball. And you wouldn't believe all the strikes they made using this contraption! Well, I say, let adults use it. You can even take away my bumper pads. Just think...no more broken fingernails (I always break my thumbnail bowling), no more sore arms, shoulders and hips. I'm thinking this could be an Olympic Event!!! Who's with me?!

For all of you romantic lovers of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, here's a book to avoid. (Please note I love it!!!) It is a new Colleen McCullough novel (same lady who wrote The Thornbirds) and all is not happily ever after in the Darcy household. Oh dear...it is not what you might have envisioned. The book is actually about Elizabeth's spinster sister Mary, who ended up taking care of their mother until the mother died. But they do talk about Elizabeth and Fitzwilliams Darcy. The book is called The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet. Check it out---if you dare!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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