Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hail Storm Report/Rain Totals/Amazing Views

Tropical Storm Blanca is almost no longer a tropical storm. This storm is in the eastern Pacific and heading northwestward and away from land.

Ridge is building back into the south central US on Wednesday. Highs from Texas to the desert southwest will be in the 90s and 100s. Highs will be in the 80s and 90s across the southeast US in the pleasant 60s and 70s along the west coast and all of the northern states.

Houston enjoyed some heavy rain today (more than 4 inches just northeast of Tomball according to the Houston Office of Emergency Management rain gauge network). Parts of Missouri City had over an inch. It was a welcome sight and kept the high down to 91. Rain is much LESS likely on Wednesday and it will be warmer as the high builds back in. Ridge returns strong for end of the week...should get lots of high 90s and maybe a few 100s. Some scattered rain will become possible as early as the weekend as the ridge flattens and shifts northward. We shall see.

Let's do river or rio, pronounced REE-oh. Do you know the name of the rio which runs from Colorado to the southern tip of Texas? See photo at right to find out.

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Spent some time in the Los Alamos downtown area today. A photo at right shows some of the broken branches near the downtown lake. According to the Los Alamos Monitor, said that the hail storm lasted 45 minutes and thousands of vehicles were damaged. Some of the hail was bigger than golf ball size. This was the storm we missed yesterday by 3 miles, because we turned off to go to White Rock.

How would you like to have a spectacular canyon view practically from your backyard? The photo of the Rio Grande River is the view from an outlook about a mile from my sister's house. It's a really neat area, because it is at the end of the community park. This is the same place we saw an amazing (and very long) fireworks display 2 years ago. It was interesting to see these almost headwaters of the Rio Grande (actual start is in Colorado), because I grew up in Brownsville, TX about 2 miles from the Rio Grande, very close to where the river empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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