Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekend Weather/Tropical Storm Anniversary

The long range models are suggesting something developing in the Caribbean middle of the coming week...then crossing Cuba and the Bahamas. Will let you know how that goes.

Meanwhile, a big contrast in conditions over the nation this weekend...cold air in the northern Rockies and the higher elevations of the Sierra will bring some wintry precipitation. High in Cut Bank, Montana will be just above freezing. Hot and steamy over the southeast with thunderstorms. Highs in the 90s over Texas and the southwest. Pleasant along the west coast. Some severe storms possible in the central plains and midwest.

Houston, the lower humidity will last through Saturday...more 60s Saturday am. Highs will be in in the low 90s both days. Enjoy the water if you can.

Let's do record or registro, pronounced reh-GEESE-troh. Read about a storm that broke two registros in the "And More" section.

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Today is the anniversary of the most expensive tropical storm (not hurricane) in US history. Tropical Storm Allison made landfall on June 5, 2001 and then meandered over southeast TX bringing 4 rounds of heavy rain, the worst being on the night of June 8th when Houston went under water. 20 inches of rain fell in 10 hours and there were rainfall rates close to 6 inches in an hour at one point. The total cost was $5 billion. It also went down in the record books as the earliest tropical storm to hit the Texas coast.

Gordy and I worked a 24 hour shift during Allison. With a skeleton crew, we did "phoners" by my holding the receiver part of my phone to my mike so all could hear. We zoomed in on the radar screen to show people what was happening. It was quite a night!!! To get video into the station, one of our guys went out back and a photographer threw a tape wrapped in plastic over the fence. That was the closest he could get as flood waters prevented him from driving onto the property.

Have a nice dry weekend everyone!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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