Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Record Heat/Rain in Forecast!/Synchronized Swimming


Still watching Invest 93L this evening (see figure at right). If you look at the satellite image below that, it doesn't look very impressive--all stretched out and disorganized. And conditions look to be inhospitable as it moves northwest into the Gulf. On a more hopeful note...some of the models steer the low pressure trough toward the lower Texas coast...that would be great!!! Come on rain for this parched area.

Speaking of rain....there are many places in the country which have at least an opportunity for some storms on Monday (see figure at right a few items down). The ridge is finally shifting westward. And because storms ride down the right side of the ridge, places like Oklahoma and Texas will get some storms. This more western ridge position means it will be very hot in western locales like Reno, NV. Meanwhile the southeast won't be quite so hot. It will be pleasantly mild in the northeast and around the Great Lakes. West coast of California will be nice and mild.

Houston does not have a heat advisory for Monday (at least not as I write this). The high today was 102 at Bush Airport (breaking the old record of 101 set in 1980). And Hobby Airport had a record too! 101 breaking old record of 99 set in 1980. Wow! This was the 6th straight day of 100+ at Bush Airport. Well, Houston, I can tell you that it will be slightly cooler this week, especially Tuesday with some thunderstorms. There could be thunderstorms as early as Monday evening. Enjoy!!!


Let's do swim or nadar, pronounced nah-DARR. Nadar is what a lot of people do to beat the heat. Find out about a group of young ladies who are competing in synchronized swimming in the AND MORE section.

The 3rd chapter of the first volume of our award winning DVD Let's Learn Spanish with Frank & Paco is about play including swimming. Kids love watching other kids doing things they themselves love to do (like swimming). Get your copy today at You can also order from,,,,,, and For our English as a Second Language (ESL) version, go to

Some of the pools in our area are staying open late. We took advantage and took Sarah for an evening swim. After 6 days of 100+ temperatures here in Houston, that water was mighty warm...not refreshing. People were hanging around the pipes bringing in cool water. I have never been in a pool that was so warm (not even in August). Fortunately, once the sun went down, it felt much more comfortable.

Speaking of swimming, Sugar Land First Colony has a team of synchronized swimmers at national competition this week. Check out this writeup from my buddy, Leslie Williamson, a Chronicle reporter.

Have a great week optimistic--keep those umbrellas handy.

Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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