Thursday, March 19, 2009

When To Expect Storms/2009 Hurricane Season Forecast


On Friday, the coolest area will be the northeast with highs in the 30s. Look for thunderstorms in Kansas and New Mexico and the Rockies. Highs across the southern tier of states will be in the 70s and 80s.

Houston has a Dense Fog Advisory until 10 am Friday. Weak cold front will move through early Friday but it will be mild in the afternoons and cool in the mornings. It will be breezy and even windy through Tuesday. On Tuesday only cold front arrives with thunderstorms.

Let's do prediction or predicción, pronounced preh-deek-see-OWN. The Weather Research Center has released it's predicción for the 2009 Hurricane Season. See the And More section for more.

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The Weather Research Center (home of the The John C. Freeman Weather Museum) has announced it's 2009 Hurricane Season Forecast. Their forecast is a 40% chance of a tropical storm or hurricane hitting Texas. Louisiana to Alabama has the highest chance--70%. The center is also predicting a total of 7 named storms (4 of those being hurricanes). For the complete report, go to:

Got my franchise tax problem (discussed in a previous blog) worked out. I went to the comptroller's office on Hamlin. Apparently, I needed to file a franchise tax return for 2007. I did not think I had to as we weren't even selling a product during that year. But since I had formed the company in May 2007, I had to file a report to say zero income. I also needed to file a report about officers of the has of these reports has to be filled out every year. I thought I only needed to file once and then refile if there were changes. Go figure!!!

Have a fantastic Friday everyone!!!

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