Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jet Stream Keeps Weather Changing/More Fun to Give Than to Receive

A few severe storms are possible on Wednesday in a circle which includes Oklahoma, Arkansas and a little piece of Texas. The jet stream is overall sagging southward with a series of small waves rippling along it. These will cause frequent but minor changes in the weather for the lower 1/2 of the country. Everywhere to the north will be dealing with fairly cool weather for about a week.

On Wednesday, look for a few snow/rain showers over the Great Lakes and northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest. There will be some thunderstorms in the extreme southeast.

Houston will be very pleasant, starting in 40s and ending up in the 70s. Clouds return by late afternoon. A few showers are possible Tuesday as the next weak front approaches and moves through. Weekend looks warm (highs in the low 80s) with a shower or two possible.

Let's do school students or escolares, pronounces ehs-coh-lar-EHS. I have some wonderful escolares in my CCE class.

I have always loved children and that is part of the inspiration for my awarding winning DVD, Let's Learn Spanish with Frank & Paco. I think like a kid and want to play at their level. And I think that is why our DVD is so successful--it's at their level--it has what they like. So, don't miss out on this fun way to teach Spanish to your little ones. Order your copy today from www.frankandpaco.com/. You can also order from http://www.venturaes.com/, http://www.dololanguages.com/, http://www.carlexonline.com,www.thecuriousmindstore.com/, http://www.amazon.com/, http://www.bestbuy.com/, and http://www.barnesandnoble.com/. For our English as a Second Language (ESL) version, got to http://www.frankypaco.com/.

Today, the students in my 1st grade religion class put together bags of goodies for refugee families that our parish has adopted. It was so fun for them to take the kinds of things they love and give them to others. I think back to what I remember from 1st grade and it really is a self-absorbed time. That's why we do these kinds of projects--of course it is also the right thing to do. But it helps kids become more aware of the needs and lives of others. They begin to think of others instead of only themselves. I wish you all could have been there to see the joy on their faces. It was such a neat sight.

From the not observant mommy department, I got all the way to the church only to realize that Sarah had gotten in the car with no shoes or socks. Now realize that I should have noticed as I buckled her up but did I? Nooooooooooooooooooo! So, I loaned her my socks (I was wearing boots)--oooooh, I don't like wearing shoes without socks but I couldn't have her in bare feet). And she walked around in socks for the entire class period. Thank goodness I was wearing boots/socks and not sandles.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone and don't forget your shoes.
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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