Monday, February 23, 2009

Jet stream flattens/Poll Results/New Poll/Robbery

There is a fairly zonal pattern over the U.S. and that will be the case for several days. The polar jet stream cuts the country in half and the the small dips (troughs) are where the weather will be on Tuesday...mainly northern Great Lakes and northern New England and the Pacific Northwest. Highs will be in the teens and 20s over the northern plains and Great Lakes and northern New England. The southern tier of states will have highs in the 60s, 70s and even 80s (Arizona).

On Tuesday, Houston will be partly to mostly cloudy and more humid with lows near 50 and highs in the low 70s. It will be even warmer on Wednesday.

Let's do robber or atracador, pronounced ah-trah-CAH-door. An atracador broke into my friend's car today.

That is a serious word, no doubt. The words in our award winning DVD, Let's Learn Spanish with Frank & Paco, are serious for kids because they are about things that kids care about deeply--things like food and drink, family members and home and playing. You can get your copy at You can also order from,,,,,, and

Some good news today about our bilingual product. I finally located some companies that deal in ESL (English as a Second Language) products. I sent copies to several of these companies at the end of last week. I already got a call today from one such company in California. They are going to feature our DVD, Aprendamos Ingl├ęs con Frank y Paco, Volumen 1, in their Fall catalog. This is also a useful DVD if you are more interested in a full immersion type product. To see more, go to

Big correction to yesterday's post...that puppy dog is a Golden Retriver (not Irish Setter). My sister tells me that Irish Setters are actually hard to come by and they aren't an optimal choice for kids.

A good friend of mine who lives in Missouri City, had an unfortunate incident today. She, her children and some friends were at a park in Quail Valley. She left her purse in the car (but it was covered). Still, someone broke her window, found her purse and took it. She did all the right things...calling the credit card companies etc. Even though she reported right away, the robber had already used one of the credit cards--a fast acting robber that one. She filed a police report. The police officer came down and did a very thorough report. He was with them for a couple hours. He told me that the streets were quiet so he was able to get a lot of information this time.

A friend of mine in South America said the weather has been blazing hot. Remember, it's the Southern Hemisphere and they are in summer. He said they have been doing a lot of swimming and beach going. The sad thing is, our turn is next. Yikes! But hey, sweating is good for the skin.

My favorite dress at the Oscars last night was the one worn by Amy Adams...a striking dark red number. But I thought the necklace was too fat and chunky and too many colors. My least favorite dress was the one Miley Cyrus wore--just didn't that super layered look. I like sleek, elegant gowns at the Oscars.

Our poll about the NASA stimulus of $1 billion has closed. 50% thought they should get more. 12% said $1 billion is just the right amount. 12% think they should get less. And 25% think they should get nothing. Here's a little known fact--(I will admit I heard this at a talk and am not sure how this was calculated)...for every $1 spent on space missions, there have been $7 in medical advances. It has to do what they learn from the experiments which are carried into space. Thanks to all who participated in the poll.

Our new poll is about pets...what is your favorite? Now since I am saying favorite, I will allow only one answer. Have fun!

Have a terrific Tuesday!
Cecilia Sinclair
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