Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weekend Weather/Name Change

Much milder across the east but now the northern plains are getting socked hard with the cold again. Places like Cut Bank, Montana, Minot, North Dakota, and International Falls, Minnesota will either be below zero or very close to it (and I'm talking about the highs). Meanwhile, it will be nice and mild across the southern states from California to North Carolina. There will be snow around the Great Lakes, the Rockies and Sierra Nevada. There will be rain out west. There could be a few showers in Texas--before an advancing cold front.

And speaking of that cold front, Houston will be might balmy on Friday--highs close to 80. So, don't overdress the kids. It will be a cooler weekend with a few showers...lows in the 50s Saturday and 40s Sunday and highs both days only in the low 60s.

Let's do restaurant or restaurante, pronounced rehs-tahr-rahn-TAY. If you go to a Spanish speaking country, you definitely want to be able to ask for a restaurante.

I have lots of research about the benefits of learning more than one language and here is a sample:
...use of 2 or more languages endows the language user with special awareness of objective properties of langauge and enables them to analyze linguistic input more effectively...bilinguals outpeform th eunilinguals on a number of cognitive, linguisitc and metalinguistic tasks, even when the differences in intellegence are controlled.
This comes from Mohanty, A.K. (1992). Bilingualism and cognitive development of kond tribal children: Studies on metalinguistic hypothesis. Pharmacopsychoecologia. Special issue: Environmental Toxicology and Social Ecology, 5(1-2), 57-66. from PsycINFO database.

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Gordy and I stopped in at what is now called Lupita's Restaurant on Highway 6 in Sugar Land (near Williams Trace). You may know this restaurant as the former Pico de Gallo. I am just helping get the word out that the restaurant--food--owners are exactly the same except for the name. Apparently, this was not the only Pico de Gallo in Texas--so they had to change the name. The owner named the restaurant Lupita's after his loving wife Lupita. If you go there you will see the family working away. Their son manages the restaurant at night. So, don't be frightened away by the new sign.

Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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