Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Next Rain/Fish Tank Sage Continues/Great Photo Deal

A nice day on the way for much of the country--especially the southern tier and the central plains. There will be snow around the Great Lakes, the northern plains and northern New England. There will be rain and snow for the northern Rockies and the Pacific Northwest.

Houston will enjoy a delightful morning and mild afternoon. Friday will be a bit more humid. Saturday will be cooler with a few showers. Upper trough sets up to the northeast starting Saturday and that keeps us in a mild to cool pattern for several days.

Let's do picture or fotografĂ­a, pronounced foh-tow-grahf-EE-ah. I have a bunch of fotografĂ­as from the holidays.

The visual elements of our DVD for children, Let's Learn Spanish with Frank & Paco, winner of two prestigious educational awards, are colorful and fun. Your kids will love learning while watching it. So order it now--from our web site You can also order from,,,,,, and If you are more interested in a full immersion type product, go to

Some gardeners have black thumbs...some fish owners (like me) have a black fishnet. But I'm learning. My dear friend Barbara from Sitka sent a suggestion about some medicine to put in the water. I picked some up and started the treatment today! Unfortunately, Cosmo didn't make it! And Wanda2 is looking bad. I do have a plan for what to do if Wanda2 doesn't make it. So stay tuned for further developments.

Looking for a good deal on prints...go to For $20, you can get 200 prints...that's 10 cents each!!! Don't make the mistake of using the 30% off prints would have to order 1250 prints to make up for the 200 prints. The reason--they charge $29.95 for the 30% off deal.

Happy photo developing!!!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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