Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weather Change Many Will Like/Most Popular Dairy Queen Item

The weather will be calm for most of the country on Monday. The coldest spot will be the northern plains with highs in the teens. The weather will be mild and even warm across the southern plains and the southeast. Look for snow over the northern Rockies and Intermountain Region.

Houston will enjoy a gorgeous Monday with a cool morning and mild afternoon. Next front arrives Tuesday. There will be a few showers as early as Wednesday. Rain is most likely on Thursday.

One nice things about vacations is that you usually get to sleep more. So today's word is to sleep or dormir, pronounced door-MERE.

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I forgot to mention something else my niece Lindsay said about what she learned from working at Dairy Queen--the most popular item is Blizzards. I would have thought it would be chocolate dip cones. Now I'm wondering what the favorite Blizzard flavor is...I love the butterfinger type. I remember getting dilly bars as a child. There was no such thing as blizzards then. least the weather on Tuesday will be warmer for ice cream eating (at least for many locations in the south).

Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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