Monday, December 15, 2008

Freezing Rain Advisory/Bible on One Page/Poll Results and New Poll

I'm shivering as I write this...just thinking about how cold it is for much of the country. My sister was visiting from New Mexico and I heard her tell a colleague (over the phone) that it is cold in Houston. Poor thing...she was going right from the cold water into the deep freeze as she was facing snow and ice upon her return home this evening. The problem in Houston is that often when it is cold, it is also humid. And that dampness just goes right through you. Combine that with the wind and it really can be bone chilling even if it is in the 40s.

And the 40s are mainly what we have in the Houston area this evening. But to the north, temperatures could dip to freezing and that combined with some drizzle could cause some slick spots. So, the National Weather Service issued a Freezing Rain Advisory for locations north of a line running from Columbus to Livingston. ice in Houston or even Katy. If you are planning to drive north (say 290 or 45 or 59 north), watch for slick spots on overpasses and bridges. As of 8 pm, I found some freezing drizzle reports around Dallas and as far south as Hearne there was a report of mixed precipitation.

Well, that old shallow arctic air nipped us again. The models just don't see it. So, we have some chilly air very close to the surface. But it could be much worse. My in-laws in Council Bluffs, Iowa awoke to negative single digits. On Tuesday, highs around Minot, North Dakota and International Falls, Minnesota won't get out of the negative single digits.

There is a swath of winter weather advisories, warnings etc. from central Texas into Pennsylvania and then secondary lines through the southern Rockies, mountains of California, Oregon and Washington state, and from Kansas through Nebraska, Iowa and into Michigan. On Tuesday, look for wintry weather from Memphis into the Great Lakes. It will be balmy across the southeast U.S. with thunderstorms possible from New Orleans to Atlanta.

Houston, it will be cold (in the 40s) and cloudy all day on Tuesday. Some light rain is possible. Wednesday will be slightly warmer with balmy, mild conditions returning on Thursday. Look for another dose of cold air Sunday. Hanukkah will be cool, but Christmas will be mild.

According to the U.S. Naval Observatory, winter doesn't officially start until 6:04 am on December 21, but it sure is wintery around the country. So, let's do winter, or invierno, pronounce een-vee-AIR-noh. Watch for ice on the road during invierno.

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If you like to read the Bible, my Aunt Pam sent me this amazing link: You can look up any verse or passage with just a couple clicks--easier than paging through the Bible and not so heavy. Thanks Aunt Pam!!!

Here are the results for what people like the most about the holidays: 55% said seeing family, 11% said seeing friends, 33% said giving gifts and zero percent said getting gifts. Our new poll has to do with how you think this winter compares to what is normal for your area.

I put up a photo of the big full moon a few days ago. Also, there is a photo from the great time at the Ramirez party. Santa Claus showed up and took a picture with Sarah, my niece Sophia and me. Remember how warm it was Saturday? Well, he was mighty toasty in his Santa suit but he was still plenty jolly. He asked Sarah which presents she wanted for Christmas and she said "All of the presents". That had him laughing so hard, his tummy shook like a bowl full of jelly. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Well stay warm everyone and be careful driving!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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