Monday, December 1, 2008

Forecast/Toy Drive/Walmart Appraisal

Snow advisories are in effect for northern Ohio and New York--due to Lake Effect snows. There are also winter weather advisories for eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina.

Tuesday will be very cold along the northern tier of states from Montana eastward--highs in the 20s with snow. There will be some rain in the southeast.

Houston will enjoy another pleasantly cool day. It will be a cold morning--starting out in the 30s. Outlying areas could have a brief freeze early. Milder weather is on the way for Wednesday. There should be some showers late Wednesday as the next cold front arrives.

The word is gift or regalo, pronounced ray-GAH-low. It is the season of regalo giving.

And gift giving is easy, appreciated and just perfect when you give our award winning DVD, Let's Learn Spanish with Frank and Paco. It is a top 10 educational product winner from Dr. Toy and a top 15 educational product winner from You can get it from our web site, or from,,,,,, and

Sarah and I headed to Walmart to get a little girl's gift for the St. Laurence Wish Upon a Star drive. I think they still need a lot more gift if you are feeling generous, please give them a call 281-980-9812 or and then open the latest bulletin and go to page 11. Every person should get a gift at Christmas. For some of these recipients, these are the only gifts they receive.

Speaking of Walmart, they were super busy as usual. But, we didn't have to wait long to check out...lots of checkout lanes open. They really do have great prices. I stocked up on non-perishable items. My suggestion to them is to get bigger carts (or at least have some available). It took 2 carts to get to my car. And they don't offer any help. I was pushing Sarah with a loaded cart and pulling another loaded cart. Yikes!

Have a great week everyone!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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