Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cold Weather/FortBendNow/Groundhog Day Gala

It was delightfully chilly today in the Houston least I thought so. But brrrrrrrrr, they have to be shivering in North Dakota, Minnesota and the Great Lakes states--highs there on Friday will be in the teens and 20s. There are various winter weather advisories for Michigan and upstate New York as well as the Rockies of Colorado.

On Friday look for some snow around the Great Lakes and northeast and some rain in Florida.

It will be another chilly day in Houston with lows in the 30s and highs in the 50s. The weekend looks very nice...lows in the 30s Saturday and 40s Sunday and highs both days in the 60s. There will be a light freeze for outlying areas early Friday and early Saturday.

I know I've done chocolate before, but Sarah just suggested hot chocolate and how perfect is that on a day like today--so we are doing hot chocolate or chocolate caliente, pronounced choh-coh-LAH-tay cah-lee-EHN-tay. There is nothing like chocolate caliente when it is chilly outside.

You just can't do enough for the minds of our youngsters. I gave a talk to the 2nd graders at a local elementary today and their minds are just amazing sponges. Early language learning is especially easy for young ones. So give them the gift of language while they are so ready for it. Order our double award winning spanish teaching DVD from our web site,, and you will get shipping within 24 hours. You can also order Let's Learn Spanish with Frank and Paco from,,,,,, and

Check out They will have a story about the talk I gave today. They have been in business since about 2001 and they have about 11 editors. I had the pleasure of meeting John Pape, one of their wonderful mobile reporters. Just so you know, his name is pronounced pahhhh(like you are saying ahhhh at the doctor's office)-pee--it's German. He said he gets all kinds of interesting pronunciations. Well, now we set the record straight. I'm doing a story on a story. Tee hee!!! Be sure to check out his article!!!

Had a board meeting of The Weather Museum today--we are gearing up for the Groundhog Day gala on February 2nd at The Houston zoo. Bill Read, National Hurricane Director, Mayor Bill White, and Judge Ed Emmett will be honorees. I will have more on this in coming weeks. Dr. Neil Frank is one of the chairs. There are still seats and tables available. Hurry and get your's (get your company to get a table). It is going to be quite the event!!! Go to for more information.

Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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