Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekend Forecast/Poll Results/New Poll

Line of thunderstorms will push across the southeast U.S. through Sunday. There is a slight risk of severe storms (those producing large hail, high winds and/or tornadoes) in the panhandle of Florida and southern Georgia/Alabama today. Look for thunderstorms from the east coast all the way down to the northern Gulf coast today and storms in Florida on Friday.

Elsewhere, there are winter weather advisories in effect for the mountains of Colorado today.

Houston, the mugginess is gone. I was putting up Christmas lights late Friday and sweating--oh should I say more delicately, perspiring. We had the a/c on and everything. Well, we are back to comfortably cool mornings in the 40s and highs in the 60s for the next 2 days. Look for some lows in the 30s on Monday morning. Humidity will be low and there will be sunshine. So enjoy! Next chance for rain in Houston is around Thursday.

It is shopping or compra, pronounced cohm-PRAH. Compra is just crazy right after Thanksgiving.

So you still have some youngsters to buy for--here's something affordable and beneficial. Order our award winning DVD, Let's Learn Spanish with Frank and Paco. You can get it from our web site, or from,,,,,, and

By the way, if you want to really work on your Spanish, go to our web site, We are still getting the Spanish videos in place, but you can read everything in Spanish.

Our shopping poll has closed--55% of you are planning to spend less this holiday season than you did last year. 44% of you are planning to spend about the same amount. None of you are planning to spend more.

Our new poll was inspired by the shopping frenzy on Friday. Why do you think people have gotten so aggressive about shopping for deals?

Gas prices continue to fall--my friend Dave Gorham said he saw 125 at Highway 3 and Bay Area Blvd., but he thinks it was some kind of promotional deal because the station across the street was charging 165.

Well I saw Dave Schwarz on the Weather Channel on Friday. So, I went to and there was Cheryl Lemke right at the front with a recorded weathercast. And she, Dave, Eboni are still on the talent page. Maybe they are giving them some time before termination.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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