Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend Forecast/Some Happy News

Still plenty chilly across the northern tier of states and Thanksgiving Day will bring more of the same. Highs will be in the 30s in many locations. Look for snow across the Great Lakes States and in the Appalachians, northern New England and the Sierra Nevada of California. Flood watches and warnings continue for southern coastal California. The rest of the country is mild.

Houston will be mild and muggy with a few showers. A cold front moves through on Friday. There could be a few thunderstorms in the mix. Showers should ease up over the weekend and it will turn cooler.

This one comes courtesy of Spanish teacher Adriana Gutierrez--Thanksgiving Day is Día de Gracias, pronounced DEE-ah day grah-SEE-ahs. I hope everyone has a happy, yummy, and safe Día de Gracias. Be sure to check out Adriana's web site at

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We checked out Fun-Tiki today. It is different from Chuck-e-Cheese because it offers go carts and miniature golf. Like Chuck-e-Cheese, you are not required to buy food. It does not have tokens. You use a game care which you load up (like at Incredible Pizza). It is different from Incredible Pizza in that the go carts are and miniature golf are outside. I thought the miniatur golf course was very nice...very clean too. We had a good time. Some of the games were different from the other 2 spots. And, they even had a Ms. Pacman...brings back memories.

Last but definitely not least, some very happy news just in time for cousin (whom I mentioned was in a horrible car accident) was released from the trauma center and allowed to return home today to her home in San Antonio. She still needs lots of prayers as she continues to work on her recovery and tries to get all of her memory back. Please continue to pray for all of the families involved.

Have a wonderful, fun-filled Thanksgiving everyone!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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