Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Forecast/New Exhibit at Children's Museum

It was such a nice day in Houston! Yes...we had a very, very brief line of showers pass through in the morning. But then it was sunshine and a nice breeze!!!

It will not be a good travel day for the northeast, southern California or the southern Sierra Nevada on Tuesday. There are all kinds of winter weather type warnings and advisories from the Appalachians of West Virginia up into northern New England. There are also winter weather warnings in the southern Sierra Nevada. And there are flood warnings for the coastal sections of southern California. It will be cold on Tuesday for the northern plains and northeast with highs in the 30s. The northwest will be in the 40s and 50s. The southern states will be mild.

Houston's weather on Tuesday will be perfect for outdoor activities like the zoo. Lows will be in the 40s warming quickly to highs in the 70s. Don't forget the sunscreen. Wednesday will also be pleasant in Houston, although more humid. Look for mild temperatures on Thanksgiving Day with a few showers. Best chance for rain is Friday. But there could be rain on and off through the weekend before a decent cool down early in the coming week.

The word is musuem or museo, pronounced moo-SAY-oh. The kids are off from why not head to the museo.

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Sarah has no school this week although I know some schools won't get out until Wednesday. The Children's Museum of Houston is usually not open on Mondays. But during special weeks, they make an exception. So we headed there today. Just yesterday, they opened a new outdoor exhibit called Water Works. Sarah and her friend loved it and didn't want to leave. There is a lot of water projecting type equipment. Sarah's friend did not get wet, but Sarah sure did. So, have a change of clothes with you just in case. There are several new exhibits, including upstairs. They also had several chicken eggs which looked like they might hatch soon. That is my favorite thing to see there. And, I heard that Santa will be there on Friday. Also, in case you didn't know, there are many days of the week they are now open until 6 pm. I love that too!!!

Whatever you are doing this week, be safe and have fun!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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