Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friday Forecast/Saints/Longaberger Party

Another area of disturbed weather is northeast of the Leeward Islands...some slow development is possible.

New cold front is pushing across the country this evening...some strong winds behind it with lots of wind warnings from the southern to northern Plains. Friday will be stormy from the Rio Grande Valley to New Orleans and up the eastern seaboard. There will be snow over the western Great Lakes states and the northern plains. And it will be cold there with highs only in the 30s.

Houston weather for Friday...mild with a few showers possible. Weekend will be dry, very comfortable and cooler. Saturday will be breezy...might be good kite flying weather.

The word for today is assistance or ayuda, pronounced eye-YOU-dah. Sometimes, people need just a little ayuda.

The brains of children who are learning more than one language have been shown to be more dense in the area of language learning. You can provide your youngsters with that kind of helpful stimulation by watching our award winning DVD, Volume 1 of Let's Learn Spanish with Frank and Paco--order from,,,,,,, and

I'm hosting a Longaberger party Friday evening at 7 pm. This is the modern day version of a tupperware party. Well, we are going to have a deliciously fun time. The theme is "Death by Chocolate" and I will have plenty of that. If you would like to come, email me at

My reporter friend, Leslie Williams, has produce another excellent article. It is about people getting assistance obtaining the I was very touched to read about a lady who was getting assistance. She is taking care of a sick mother, working and raising a child.

These are the saints on this earth. Another mother I know has 5 children, can't get more than a pittance of support from her ex-husband and one of the children has Smith-Magenis Syndrome, with many of its most severe characteristics. God bless these people...give them strength and may those around them be merciful and help them.

Happy Friday everyone!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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