Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekend Forecast/High School Musical 3/Losing Teeth

The tropics are quiet but a spotter reported a tornado in southeastern Georgia today. There are storms along and ahead of a cold front. There will be rain from the northeast to southern Miami both Saturday and Sunday. There will also be some rain and even snow showers around the Great Lakes States and Minnesota.

Houston woke up Friday to temperatures in the 40s and it will be that way again on Saturday. Highs both Saturday and Sunday will be in the 80s with Sunday being the warmer day. Enjoy!

Since my girls and I saw High School Musical 3 today (and yes, Sarah sat through the whole movie--a first for her!), we shall do musical or musical--but notice the pronunciation is quite different--moo-see-CAHL. My daughters loved this musical.

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Yes, I literally picked up Megan from the house and then Sarah from school and headed to the theater to see High School Musical 3. Most of the kids we saw were about 5 to 9. Sarah is right smack in the middle at age 7. But Megan, who is 20, loves it too. And I have to admit, I wanted to see it. Well, I read some negative reviews, but I have to say that just watching the dance scenes, made it worth seeing. They took it up a notch or two for this theater version. You'll have to see it, but one of the dance scenes actually made me dizzy--it was too cool! So, yep, we give it 3 thumbs up!

Losing teeth is turning out to be something Sarah does very well. She just lost her 8th baby tooth yesterday after losing her 7th one on Wednesday. She is absolutely fearless and determined about it to the point that sometimes folks at school ask me if she is okay. Well, those 2 teeth were loose. But I think what got her going was her teacher reading a story about a kid with a loose tooth. Sarah got so worked up while the teacher was reading that she pulled the 1st one out. Then, the next day, she had to repeat the story back to me for her homework. Well, that got her thinking and messing with the other one until that one was out too. The tooth fairy had to make an extra trip to the bank!

By the way, we were looking for costumes for Megan tonight, and I found a Wonder Woman outfit. Do you think I should get it for me? What does a Wonder Weather Woman wear? Leave me a comment if you dare! That's my attempt at being poetic. Sorry!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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