Monday, October 20, 2008

Tuesday Forecast/Talking to Bill Read/Fenceless Containment/Sha Na Na

Area of disturbed weather in western Caribbean is drifting westward into Mexico. It will be a rainmaker, but it doesn't look like it will be able to develop into a named storm.

Trough over northern Rockies will continue eastward to northern plains on Tuesday and spin out a cutoff low for couple days. This low will bring rain and cool conditions to the nation's mid-section and the northern plains. Another trough over the northeast will bring that area showers and cool conditions.

Houston's weather will be pleasant again on Tuesday...maybe just a hair more humid. You know that is such a subjective term. I was talking to a teacher from Albuquerque on Saturday (remember how dry it was...not a cloud in the sky). She said it seemed so humid to her. I just laughed! Anyway, back to the weather in Houston...look for some showers on Wednesday and Thursday...then turning cooler. Ooohhhh...looks like a nice weekend on the way! Also looking long range--I think we are going to have dry weather for trick or treating. More to come on that.

In my AND MORE section, I have some information about fences. So the word for the day is fence or cerca, pronounced SAYR-kah. I am so glad I have a new cerca!

Amazon has accepted our new English teaching DVD for Spanish speakers. I just got the first order today!!! But, most of you are probably more interested in our Spanish DVD for English speaking youngters. Volume 1 of Let's Learn Spanish with Frank and Paco is a Dr. Toy Top 10 Educational Product for 2008. Just over 2 months until Christmas!!! This makes a perfect gift that you can feel good about. Order your copy from,,,,,,, and

Poll Results!!! 100% of those responding felt that $6000 was too much for my poor brother-in-law to be charged for moving his damaged boat from the marina to the shipyard. I will be sure to let him know. Now, he has some ammunition for when he complains!!! Thank you to all who responded. Tonight, I am loading up a new poll? Do you plan to vote early for the election? Yes or No.

You know, I kind of liked the look when all the fences were down and we could see our neighbor's backyards. Our neighborheed deed restrictions require fences. But in case your's do not, you might want to consider a fenceless containment for your pets. I found one online (have no idea if this company is any good). But you can check it out at:

Dr. John Scala, president of National Weather Association, and resident of Pennsylvania, told me that he has one of those and it works great. He said most of his neighbors have that kind of fence. You may remember Dr. Scala from his stint on The Weather Channel as a severe weather advisor.

Speaking of The Weather Channel, here's a little name dropping from last week's National Weather Association meeting in Louisville, Kentucky -- Nick Walker, Jim Cantore and Dave Schwarz were there. Nick and Jim usually attend. That's how important that meeting is!

Had a nice long chat with my buddy Bill Read today. Bill is the Director of the National Hurricane Center. He is doing great, even after such a crazy, busy season (which by the way does not officially end until November 30th). This is how busy Bill has been--he finally got to play some golf this week--he hadn't been able to play since April. Yikes!!! Now, he is a super avid golfer. That means he was super duper busy. But Bill just takes it all in stride. The Weather Museum is working on getting Bill here so we can recognize him as a weather hero at The Groundhog Day Gala to be held on February 2, 2009. I think we're going to get him here!!! By the way, Bill's house in the Friendswood area came through the storm just fine. Even his fence came out okay! His son took care of the house during the storm and got some friends along with their pets to stay at the house during the storm. Otherwise, those friends would have been caught in the storm surge. Now, that's a good friend to have!!!

I could not find the Sha Na Na opening song. But here is a link to the ending song--Good Night Sweetheart! This one's for you Dad!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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