Monday, October 27, 2008

Tuesday and Halloween Forecast/Christmas Stamps/Dr. Toy Helps Out

There is an area of disturbed weather in the central Atlantic, and it does have the potential to strengthen a bit. But even if it does, in a couple days it will run into some hostile conditions which will weaken it. I'll let you know if anything interesting happens.

Looks like a nice Tuesday on the way for most of the country. It will be mild to warm except for the Great Lakes states and northeast where highs will be in the 30s, 40s and 50s. There will also be some snow showers and chilly rain in these cooler areas.

Did you notice that wind today. Ahhhh, but it was so refreshing. Now that the front has moved east of Houston, the pressure gradient is no longer tight and the winds have died down. It will be chilly in the will need those jackets. But get ready for a spectacular, sunny and mild afternoon.

Outlook for Halloween--Highs in the 30s,40s,50s along the northern tier of states. There will be some showers along the west coast. Everywhere else should be dry. Houston's average high/low on Halloween are 76.3 and 57.3, with 4/10 and inch of rain. Temperature wise, we should be close to that...maybe 3 degrees warmer. Look for trick or treat time temperatures to be in the 60s. There should be no rain.

I will go with chilly--definitely felt chilly or fresco, pronounced FRAYS-co, this morning. Now, I being female--if I said, I feel chilly, I would say tengo fresca.

Tengo is a word used to indicate a state you are in. If you're hungry, you say tengo hambre. We introduced such short sentences in our award winning DVD, Volume 1 of Let's Learn Spanish with Frank and Paco, a Dr. Toy Top 10 Educational Product for 2008. You can order it from,,,,,,, and

Had some exciting news today...apparently Dr. Toy is talking up our DVD big time. We will be in a best holiday gifts section in a regional catalog distributed in Colorado. Other exciting news includes that we had our first international order from Hong Kong. I shipped that one out today.

When I was at the post office, several times (not just a few) I heard customers asking for Christmas stamps. I thought wait a minute, why are they are doing that. Then I realized, wow! We are getting to that holiday time of year. Kudos to those folks for being so proactive.

Speaking of being proactive, I'm hoping to early vote tomorrow or Wednesday. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Tomorrow, I'll have an announcement about an exciting new book that is being released.

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone.
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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