Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thursday forecast/Spooky Weather for Halloween/Our claims experience

From one extreme to the other...tropical disturbance has brought deadly flooding to Honduras while blizzard warnings and winter storm warnings are in effect for parts of Kansas and Nebraska through Thursday. The same system bringing wintry weather to the nation's mid-section is bringing a line of storms through Houston this evening. A Severe Thunderstorm Warning and Urban and Small Stream Flood Advisory were issued in Harris County.

Cooler and drier weather will move into the Houston area. But it will take about a day and a half to kick that upper low out of the central plains. So it will be slick and possibly treacherous there until Friday.

Look for a cool day on Thursday in Houston. Friday morning lows will be in the 40s. Friday afternoon highs will be back up in the 80s. The weekend -- cool mornings, sunny, warm and dry afternoons.

Looking ahead to Halloween--could it be? Something wet this way comes? It is starting to look like there will be some storms around on Halloween. Will keep you updated.

Since we've had thunderstorms in Houston this evening, let's do lightning. Now there isn't exactly lightning in Spanish, but there is a flash of lightning -- un relámpago, pronounced oon ray-LAM-pah-go. There was un relámpago, but fortunately we were inside!

Learning Spanish is not only fun, it helps the brain. Research shows that the brains of youngsters who are learning more than one language, benefit by having increased neurological development in the part of the brain associated with language. So, it's a no them learn another language. And one of the most fun and easiest ways is through our award winning DVD--Volume 1 of Let's Learn Spanish with Frank and Paco. Of course, I never fail to mention that it is a Dr. Toy Top 10 Educational Product for 2008. Because it is so beneficial to cognitive development, you can feel good about giving this DVD as a gift to your favorite youngters. So, order today from,,,,,,, and

Well, our insurance adjustor showed up today. He thinks we will get some money back, especially since we had the 1% deductible (before the standard became 2%). This will help pay for some of our new fence and a few other little items.

Dennis, our adjustor from State Farm, had a very interesting story. He is here because when his house in New Orleans was flooded with 9 ft of water, he temporarily moved to Dallas. He said it was one of the best experiences of his life because the people were just so kind and welcoming to him. He said he'll never forget it. And when Ike hit here, he volunteered to help assess the claims. He just wanted to give back. Now that is neat!!!

Have a safe evening everyone. Remember to TURN AROUND AND DON'T DROWN if you encounter a flooded roadway.

Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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